Has it really been 20 years?

Is it really possible??

This morning, during my morning “catch up” on Facebook and Twitter, I came across the oddest post – something about it being the 20th anniversary of The Wedding Album.

I respectfully request a recount.

As I sit back and try to sort through the cobwebs in my brain to find the dusty box holding memories of 1993, I seem to recall that this was the year I graduated from Cal State Fullerton. I have no memory of hearing Come Undone or Ordinary World on the radio for the first time. I just know that I was shocked that the songs actually charted or that I was hearing “new” Duran Duran at all. It’s true. I thought the days of Duran Duran gracing the Top 40 had long since ended, and at the time – I really wasn’t keep up with the activities of Duran Duran. I was beginning my own life, worrying about what was going to come next, and from what I can remember – I was going through “On Campus” interviews, trying to find a job after college, because I was about to graduate at the end of May. Joy.

Of course, Simon has said several times that it was Ordinary World that saved the band at this point.  I can certainly understand why that might have been the case, and I can’t really imagine what it must have been like for the band at the time. They had gone from being the biggest band in the world to somewhat of a nostalgic novelty – we’d hear Rio when a radio station wanted to play an 80’s “Flashback”, or Hungry Like the Wolf when we’d go to see an 80s cover band. I would cringe in sheer disgust. Good times. When I started hearing Ordinary World on the radio with regularity – probably long after it had actually played for the first time, I know I felt pride right along with the sense of shock that they had found their way again. Perhaps their best days weren’t really behind them after all.

Once again, this was 1993. The internet wasn’t really a part of my life yet. I remember Walt, who at this point was still just a boyfriend, knew all about BBS (online bulletin boards – a precursor to message boards), but I had no interest. There was no way to really find out what the band was doing unless I were lucky enough to come across news about them on the radio or a magazine interview. Truth be told, I didn’t try very hard either, so once again I fell away. Every now and then I’d hear they had a show planned somewhere, or a new album coming out – but mostly there was nothing. For me, Duran Duran had effectively been put in a box marked “Childhood Memories” and placed on a shelf in my closet, where it would get delightfully dusty for the next several years.

So for me, it is hard to believe that yes – this was twenty years ago. Twenty years seems like such a long time on one hand, and on another – it went by remarkably fast. It really does not seem like that long ago I was driving into the school parking lot or walking across the campus for class. How could that much time have passed since Walt and I spent our weekends walking around the streets of Hermosa Beach where he lived, or going to Fashions – the nightclub on the Redondo Beach Pier where we met? (That nightclub is now called The Brixton) Time flies, doesn’t it?

My mother warned me that this would happen as I age. I am not amused.


6 thoughts on “Has it really been 20 years?”

  1. Funny this is your topic today, because when I received my copy of Rolling Stone yesterday, they do a a retro list of top 10 songs, and the list in the current issue was for what was in the top 10 in 1993 on this date. Ordinary World was # 3 or 4 (Whitney Houston had the # 1 song). And reading that started me thinking where I first heard the song – on the radio, in my office. I also remember, like you thinking how good they sounded, especially when compared to their last new album before that (Big Thing).


  2. Rhonda
    I can totally relate to everything you have written, I was engaged and planning a wedding! Like you Duran Duran was there in the background, that you relied on the media to tell you what was happening with them. The audio from Nick on duranduran.com is well worth a listen


  3. Back in 1993 I was still in my coma, but I had friends at the hospital who were permitted by my docs to play the band’s music in the room.
    I heard the album in a proper, more “conscious” way after my wake, from early 1997 on during my rehab-recovery period. My first feedback was very good: I was impressed by the artistic maturity of the guys, especially in writing the lyrics!
    Today I think Warren did a continuous outstanding contribution to the music of the band before and after the release of the Wedding Album. In particular, I think his greatest contribution was to help reaching a new balance between the boys’ egos in that period.
    Happy birthday!

  4. I turned 21yrs old in the Summer of 1993, had 0 access to internet, or cable, and in Oklahoma if you do not have access to either of those you're just SOL, for info. I am not sure when I got my production tape version of the Wedding Album, nor do I remember just when, or where I first heard “Ordinary World”, and “Come Undone”. But I do remember being extremely happy to hear new music from them. As I have always done with any new Duran Duran album, it stayed in my tape deck for the requisite 2 weeks, and was listened to at least once a day during that time. All other non-Duran related music only gets 1 week of daily air play. I really enjoyed their new, mature, more sophisticated sound, and got a real libido kick from “Shot Gun”. But it just doesn't seem like 20yrs has passed, it's like it was all a dream I had just last night. But then that is not to unusual for me, because without a watch I don't know what time it is. I simply do not feel the passage of time, so 1 minute, 1 day, 1 week, or even 1 year feels pretty much the same to me. Only the fact that so much has happened since then tells me just how much time has passed. The band has grown, and changed, yet they are still the men we come to know, and admire. We the fans, have also grown, and changed, yet are still just as hopelessly devoted as ever. It seems that Duran Duran, and we their Duranies (or what I like to call Duran Duran's Delinquent Debutantes), are the perfect match, because we unlike so many fans have never really given up on our guys, and they in return have never given up on us, by like only playing their older hits, and not creating new music for us to enjoy. So here's to 20 more years of Durandrium, may they always shine.

  5. First heard it Christmas Eve 1992. I remember 2 of my friends drove me in a snowstorm to buy the album at a local record store ( I was a junior in college and didn't have a car). Was blown away by the fact that DD was actually getting radio play again. i hate typing on my phone…so in conclusion, Happy Birthday Wedding Album!

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