He Turns on the Animal

I have the most random thoughts driving to and from work.  I usually have my music on shuffle to keep things interesting (and awake!).  This week, I was driving to work and what songs came on, back to back?  Union of the Snake and The Man Who Stole a Leopard.  This got me thinking.  No, what I was thinking wasn’t that I need new music…although I won’t argue against that.  I thought about how many animal references there are in Duran Duran songs, either in the title or in a song’s lyrics.  Now, it is pretty common for artists of any form to have common themes.  For painters, the theme might be what they paint.  For poets, it might be the use of some specific type of figurative language.  It seems to me that Simon has certain “themes” in his lyrics.  One of them is definitely animals.  Do they represent something?  Maybe.  Sometimes.  Here are the animals I could think of and some theories about what they might stand for, if anything.

Wolf (Hungry Like the Wolf) – The wolf could be the obvious—someone looking for a sexual partner but I also read that the wolf could represent fame, according to one’s person interpretation.

Snake (Union of the Snake) – The snake could be one’s subconscious or the representation of sin.

Leopard (The Man Who Stole a Leopard) – The leopard could be a woman.  I also like thinking of the leopard representing fandom.

Tiger (Tiger Tiger and Seven and the Ragged Tiger) – I read that the tiger stood for success on Duran’s wikipedia page.  Is that possible?

Lizard (New Moon on Monday) – Any ideas on this one?

Bird (Rio) – Could this be as obvious as it seems and be about a woman?

Fox (My Own Way) – This one seems straight forward.

Seagulls (New Religion) – Could they represent a crowd circling someone accused of a crime?  Thoughts on this one?

Seagulls (The Chauffeur) – It is interesting the Simon twice made reference to seagulls in one album.

Monkey (Notorious) – Another straight forward one?

Palomino – I did a whole blog about this one, which you can read here.

Cat (All Along the Water) – Another one that seems obvious.

Dog (Drowning Man) – No interpretation needed here.

Weasle and bird (To Whom It May Concern) – I assume that “weasle” is like the weasel.  Weasel often represents someone sneaky.  A dicky word is a small bird.

Coyote (Midnight Sun) – Reference to the cartoon of Road Runner??

Dinosaurs (Undergoing Treatment) – Reference to extinction.

Chicken (Bedroom Toys) – No comment on my part about this one!

Starlings (Chains) – Another bird reference.

Any other references to animals that I didn’t think of?  I know that there are references to insects but I didn’t include those.  Any ideas on interpretations?


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    1. What do you mean you shouldn’t? They write them. They leave the door open. You should. We applaud breaking rules here anyway….(well I do. I’m the troublemaker.) 😀 -R

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