Heels, velvet ropes and how to be properly entertained!

I arrived home on Sunday night after a really great long weekend in the Chicago/Madison area of the Midwest. The first few days I spent at my sister’s apartment in Chicago. She lives in Uptown, which although is not exactly right in the loop – is still very much city living. (as opposed to my house very much in the suburbs of Orange County.) I didn’t realize how quiet it is at my house until I spent a day/night with my sister! It’s been nice to go to sleep here at night and hear nothing but perhaps the sprinklers that water the slope behind my house. So for the last day I’ve been digging my house out of the mess that happens when I’m gone, and celebrating the littlest Rivera’s birthday – she turned 5 yesterday, and it was a very big day. I have more of that coming this weekend when we host a party for her entire preschool class at a place called Pump It Up.Think giant jump-houses and a dozen five year olds. (What was I thinking when I agreed to that?!?) The good news is that the party is on Cinco de Mayo – which means virtually nothing (for me) except providing a good reason to serve margaritas in our backyard here at the house when our family comes back here for food, cake and a piñata. Yes, I know my last name is Hispanic and I should really be more into this stuff…. but I’m Italian!  

Enough about my madness, right? I know everyone read Amanda’s review of Roger’s DJ set, but I wanted to share what I took away from the experience. First of all, this wasn’t a Duran Duran gig by any means and I really went into the weekend with no expectations other than to see my sister and to spend time with Amanda for her birthday. Roger’s gig was a really great way to do several things at once. It’s true, Roger really didn’t have the opportunity to engage much with people at the club – it was a run into the club behind a velvet rope, he did his set – and then ran back out. Given the way a DJ set works, it wasn’t as though he had time to chat. I knew this going in, and while I suppose part of me was a little surprised that he wasn’t quite like other DJs who try to get the crowd involved or respond to the energy level in the club, I think I expected exactly what went down.(With the very notable exception of Hungry Like the Wolf. Did not see that coming. Touché Mr. Taylor..Touché.) So why am I even bothering to write about it? I think there’s an important point to be made. Roger’s job that night was simply to provide the soundtrack for the evening. The entertainment, on the other hand – was probably left to ourselves. Oh believe me, that was not a problem for my group! Did you see the bottle of Grey Goose that was consumed?  Good times….

So where was I? I guess my point is that Roger did his job. Keep in mind, I’m not really into clubs these days. My idea of a good time outside of the family is going to a gig, or hanging out with friends at a bar…or wine tasting…or a zillion other things. Clubs aren’t really my scene, so this was a little stretch, but I had a great time. I danced, I laughed (A lot!), I crowd-watched…and even though the music wasn’t my favorite, I still had a great time. Why?

Here’s the mind blowing part of this blog that you should already understand… but sometimes I think Duran Duran fans completely miss it: I WAS WITH MY FRIENDS. I didn’t GO there just to see Roger. If I had, I probably would have been deeply disappointed. He didn’t notice I was there (he doesn’t know who I am anyway!), and it’s not like it was the place for him to come and mingle with the crowd. I did see many people, assumably Duranies, standing near the ropes waiting for him, wanting to spend a second in his breathing space, and to some degree, I almost felt sorry, because that just wasn’t the point of the evening at all.  Mind you, I don’t know that any of these people went away disappointed, or if they even minded standing there, but from my own perspective, I’m glad I danced myself to exhaustion instead. I had such a great time laughing with Amanda, talking with my sister, laughing at ourselves, I didn’t need anything else and I didn’t go away disappointed in that respect.

One thing that I tend to neglect here that I should acknowledge is that everyone comes to the fan community with different goals in mind. Some just are not that interested in making friends, they don’t care about the relationships that could possibly survive long past the band’s touring days because they have those things outside of the fandom. Maybe some of those people standing there waiting that night were going along with that thinking – and you know, for them that’s fine. I just know that for me, the friendships I’ve made along the way have made the journey. So my advice to anyone who is out there wandering around this fandom: make the friendships. Take the time to get to know people. Put yourself out there just a bit, and maybe even forget that the band is standing in front of you. It is only in the moments when I stop thinking about my friends and start worrying about how or where I’m going to find the band that I stop having fun. It becomes more of a job, and a frustrating one at that. Maybe that’s just me, but I still put it out there for anyone who wants my take.

Amanda and I spent time this weekend casually talking about what our next “goals” should include. I don’t mean book goals or blogging goals – I’m talking about what we want to do next as fans. Where do we want to go on tour next? Do we want to go back to the UK again?  What about Europe? Should we just stick to the states and give our budgets a break?? No – the next album isn’t out yet and we’re not expecting it to be out any time soon, but a little story I like to think back on from time to time took place a few months prior to the release of AYNIN. Amanda and I were just getting settled into writing the blog, but both of us felt this immense positivity about the future. I remember thinking that we just didn’t know what was to come, but that whatever it was going to be – we wanted to make the most of it.  So I said “We need to go to the UK.” After Amanda stopped choking – I’m pretty sure she agreed. So we did it twice…because we’re crazy that way.  Best memories I have as a fan came from those two trips to the UK…sans perhaps that Durham show…but that’s another thing entirely.

I really have no idea what is coming next. I don’t know anything about the album other than what Roger used to describe a few of the songs that are in various stages of the process (and I believe he mentioned that they’ve got about 12 so far – not all of which will make the album of course, and not all of them are at the same level of strength) – and he said that they sound a bit like Radiohead meets Duran Duran. Did I mention that Roger feels very certain that the album will be finished this year and that they’ll be back on the road next year, and that if it doesn’t happen he will take full responsibility? I sure hope so, because Katy (I love her..she says exactly what I’m thinking while listening to the Kafe!) says that if that isn’t the case 5,000 of his fans will be listening to the Kafes in November to remind him. Obviously Roger doesn’t realize that Daily Duranie was listening. We blog about this stuff!!

Good luck with that Roger.   😀


3 thoughts on “Heels, velvet ropes and how to be properly entertained!”

  1. Dj sets and gigs are supposed to be events where to have fun with your fellows and to see the band or the artist performing. Think of Woodstock, Live Aid… and yes, I love thinking also of the band's – guys'solo live sets.
    Glad you had a great time, dancing and being with your friends.

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