Here Beside the News

I apologize for the lateness of the blog.  I could comment about my very lengthy to do list or my previous commitments of today and yesterday to provide justification.  While all of those things are true, it is more about not being in the right headspace to write a decent blog.  I had hoped that my mood would improve over the day but no such luck.  When I’m in a frame of mind like I am, I often turn to music.  Not surprising, I turn to Duran.

When people think of Duran Duran’s music, the feel good songs of Rio or the Reflex come to mind.  Maybe, others think of songs that have an artistic twist like the Chauffeur or the Man Who Stole a Leopard.  Obviously, all of those are worthy song choices.  Not only are they worthy, but, often when I play them they take my mind off of what is bothering me.  They often make me feel better.  Yet, today, I am choosing to go a different route.  I want to embrace those songs that discuss real life, real world and the issues that humanity must deal with.  Here my playlist for the day:

The Edge of America

Paper Gods

Ball of Confusion

Drowing Man

Finest Hour

I’m sure that there are plenty more songs that deal with real world issues in Duran’s catalog.  I, for one, am super glad that there are songs for every situation and every emotion.  It speaks to the band’s range and quality.  As a fan, I love how their music can make me feel good when I need it but also shed light on all aspects of humanity when I need that, too.


2 thoughts on “Here Beside the News”

  1. I knew that Finest Hour was about the moment of the reunion and “dedicated” the song to EMI and record companies
    I would add Red Carpet Massacre.. after the Weisenstein Hollywood sexual thing, although the guys meant something else in 2007.

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