“Hot and Bothered”-Duran & Lindsay Lohan

Anyone read any interesting articles lately about Duran Duran?  I have.  In fact, one article, in particular, was so interesting that I posted it both on my personal Facebook and on the Daily Duranie Facebook and Twitter.  I posted the article in order to get some perspective, in order to not let any initial reaction by me dictate what I think and feel about it.  I wanted to hear from other people about what they think and feel about it.  I also wanted time to process my thoughts.  I’m not sure I’m completely there yet…but it is time.

What article as I talking about here?  This one here:  “‘Lindsay Lohan got us hot and bothered in the recording studio” says Duran Duran.”  Since I had originally posted the article, another one has popped up entitled:  Lindsay Lohan left Duran Duran ‘hot and bothered’.  Both articles discuss Lindsay Lohan’s appearance on the upcoming Duran Duran album, “Paper Gods,” due out in September.  Now, we have talked about Lindsay Lohan and her working with Duran Duran a few times on this blog.  Just recently, we mentioned her when discussing the press release about the album, which you can read here.   What new information did we get from this article?  What do I think about it?  What do many other fans think about it from my observations online?

The Facts:

These articles don’t shed a ton of light on Lindsay’s appearance on the album beyond what we already knew.  Again, they mentioned that she is featured on the song, “Danceophobia”.  In it, she provides the voice of a doctor, which we already knew.  Simon, in these articles, described her role as a doctor talking to someone in a “naughty way”.  It sounds like they had this part and needed someone to fill it when Simon thought of Lindsay.  Then, according to the articles, it took a month to get her into the studio and almost didn’t happen due to her busy schedule.  In the end, it required Simon and Ben (Mr Hudson) to go and get her and her sister.  According to Simon, she “had exactly the voice for it”.  He also stated this about working with her, “We were hot and bothered for about three weeks after she left the studio” and “We’d absolutely like to work with Lindsay again.”

General reactions to the article:

While I admit that there were some variations in the responses I got from posting the first article, there was a general theme.  Let me quote some of the thoughts from other fans and frankly most of these are the nicer quotes:

“I’m surprised with all her previous problems keeping a job, showing up for a job (Without blowing the project budget) or completing any court appointed assignments, the band even expected her to follow through.”
“Why would they want her anyway?”
“I just feel there must have been someone – anyone – better..”
“Not one, of their prouder moments, I would imagine…ick.”
“No, Simon! NOOOOOOOOO!”

Many fans questioned the point of using her.  Was it a push from the label?  Was it an attempt to reach a younger demographic?  Was it to get publicity?  I, obviously, don’t have the answers to those questions and I think they are good one.  Did the label have a role in this?  Maybe.  We know in the past there was label encouragement to use people like Timbaland (Yes, I know that was a different label.  My point is just that major labels do push artists into working with people who they think will get the artists attention and/or a hit.).  Was it an attempt to reach a younger demographic?  That’s possible. After all, Lindsay is still in her 20s and the band is…not.  Most people in their 20s might be unfamiliar with Duran and this might get people to try listening to Duran, maybe?  So the theory would go.  Could it be an attempt to just get publicity with the idea being that any publicity is good?  Maybe.  This is the band that did the Girls on Film video in 1981 and even held up a sign saying that some people would do anything to sell their records, in the easter egg version of the video.some people would do anything to sell their records

What I Think:

In full disclosure, I’m not a Lindsay Lohan fan.  I tend to avoid people who get in the fame spotlight for whatever reason and become the frequent topic of entertainment new sites, tabloids, etc.  Those aren’t the celebrities who ever interest me.  Yes, many people will give her sympathy because of her family or her addiction or whatever.  I get that.  As much as I might sympathize, that doesn’t equal being a fan.  That said, when I heard that Duran was using her, like many, I grimaced and hoped that it wouldn’t be as bad as many fear.  I tried to maintain an open-mind and be positive.  Then, this article came out.  I read it.  I read it again.  I read it a third time after backing away for awhile.  After a day or so, some thoughts of mine aren’t changing.

What/Who Really Matters for the Album:
I want to see Duran getting all the attention in the world for this album.  I really do.  Yet, it wasn’t Duran getting the attention in these articles, it was Lindsay.  It wasn’t even Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson or countless others who worked on the album who were getting attention.  It was someone who, from everything I could tell, has a VERY minor part on the album.  Someone asked me why I was making a big deal out of one little piece to the album.  The fact is that I’m frustrated that the little piece was getting attention over so many larger, more important pieces and people.

Publicity for Publicity Sake:
Did they really use Lindsay because she was the BEST person for this role?  Out of all the people on the planet with a great voice, she was the best?  Or was it that she was the most famous and could get the most attention?  After all, the band had to know that she would result in articles like the ones I posted above.  This makes me wonder if they chose people to make the best album or to make the most news and I HATE thinking that.  I do.  I want to assume that the band chose the best people for the work, for the art, for the music.  It shouldn’t be about promotion before the art or the music.  Now, of course, I know that promotion has its place.  Duh.  Every product out there needs to be promoted.  We recognized that fact with the convention we put on and we even recognize it with this blog.  Yet, I want Duran Duran to get promotion because of THEM, because THEY deserve it.  They shouldn’t take the back seat.  The music shouldn’t take the back seat.

Initially, I like many were not impressed with this statement of Simon’s in which Lindsay Lohan got them “hot and bothered”.  Then, Rhonda pointed out that Simon is smart and he is.  That is a statement is going to get headlines.  So, if you are going to go for any publicity, use what works.  Be as out there as possible.  Embrace it, right?  They did that with the Girls on Film video that we are all still talking about 30 plus years later.  Is Simon just really that good at dealing with the press that he, in fact, chose words to get that headline, to get the attention?

The Worse Part
Do you know what I think the worst part of all of this is?  That for many people, that song is already tainted.  People are already judging, including myself.  Maybe, she was the best person for this role.  Unfortunately, her reputation and everything that goes with her, including articles like these don’t help fans have an open-mind.  It also negatively impacts fans’ enthusiasm for the album.  Is that fair or right?  Probably not but fans are human and imperfect and also feel a LOT when it comes to the subject of their fandom.  We want Duran Duran to do well but we want them to do well because of THEM, not because of anyone they chose to work with.


13 thoughts on ““Hot and Bothered”-Duran & Lindsay Lohan”

    1. But sex with whom? It isn’t about the band, in this case. It is about Lindsay Lohan. Wouldn’t you want the album to sell because the music is good?!?! -A

      1. Maybe they should consider good old fashioned casting calls. I’m sure there are plenty of sultry-voiced, ready and willing Duranies available.

  1. She is in her 20s, yes. But, I don’t think people in her 20s respect her, either. They may pity her for her addiction and she doesn’t try to better herself. Simon is very smart, yes. I just don’t know what’s going on here. I will love the album nonetheless.

  2. Of course using her will sell more records, give the band more publicity, etc. That is the bottom line. Real Duran fans such as ourselves don’t have to like it, and I don’t think we should let it reflect personally on the band (or Simon). I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t the label that suggested it.

  3. Much ado about nothing in my opinion. It really doesn’t color what I think of the (as yet unheard) song one way or the other. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I just hope no one really lets it taint their reaction to the song before they’ve even heard it. After all, we’re getting new Duran music!

  4. I think the reason she’s in that track is pretty obvious after reading Simon’s statements: 1- she has a perfect voice for the track & 2-Simon is friends with her. The rest is just Hate for Lindsay because of her personality. I like Lindsay, I like mavericks. I like people who say no to the establishment, who makes us think differently. I guess Simon likes her for those reasons too. The rest is just hate towards Lindsay.

  5. I’m very curious as to the motivation for adding her too. One possibility that I considered is JT’s advocacy work on addictions. Her struggle is widely known (Oprah) — I wonder if he’s (and by extension the band) reaching out to someone when they are down. Its a guess and maybe a stretch. (shrugs).

    Also, maybe this is some weird form of favor, for someone? (not Lindsay, but maybe one of her people)

    During the day, I Do read gossip sites. There is ZERO love for her.

    Example: http://www.celebitchy.com/435889/lindsay_lohan_is_broke_but_she_turned_down_a_lucrative_burger_king_commercial/

    I really want to understand the balance here. It doesn’t take a genius to get a read on her from the media’s perspective. What I don’t get is the other part of the equation … Yeah, she has THAT.. BUT she has THIS. THIS is what the album needs… or THIS achieves our objective of THAT. I still can’t sort that side out… as with MOST of the fans.

  6. I follow Lindsay and don’t know that much about the band Duran Duran outside of a few impressive “hits”. What I heard is her sister, Aliana, a totally different personality and reputation to Lindsay, was involved on the track. Then it was reported Lindsay spoke while Aliana sang. Now this revelation has come out. As purely music goes, if she has the voice it will work. Lindsay’s had some pop music out but I didn’t see her talent that much for singing. But she did decent dance music. Not much is known about Aliana’s voice but she did a youtube video Singin a Tune where she sings a bit of Christina Aguilera’s I am Beautiful with a sort of soulful voice. The track, Danceophobia, seems to favor Lindsay’s style. And this is a spoken part for an actress, Lindsay does have a distinctive voice and can do the character being described.

    The talk of the album should be the music and the other featured guests, Lindsay can be a distraction. Sounds like Lindsay did well so perhaps she was worth being picked up to be put in the studio. It’s unfortunate that Aliana is lumped into that because she doesn’t have Lindsay’s reputation for diva attitude and when doing modeling work, was known for being professional and punctual. Aliana is best off not doing any more work with Lindsay. Lindsay could consider voice work if this works out for her, but so much effort to get her in a studio with a band of Duran Duran’s status should not happen. They gave her a big opportunity. Duran Duran fans have to trust they made a good decision.

    1. You know what, all music is an experiment. Probably this does come from the label, and maybe a little bit Simon, since he’s good at linking his name to well-known names. He’s smart at marketing himself. Of course I’d like DD to succeed purely on their own, but if throwing in some well-known names means they sell that many more records so that the label makes that much more money so that Duran Duran is able to keep touring in the way they would like to, then I’m for it.

  7. The article you linked to is pure celeb trash exploit nonsense. Just remember that duran duran were also subjects of these kind of “journalistic” pieces, exploiting the addiction of John Taylor and other members and being essentially trashy and obnoxious. Lindsay is the favorite punch bag of these kind of “publications”. Maybe duran duran identify a lot with her because they suffered the same treatment in the past.

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