How do they do it?!?

Last night, I had a splitting neck and headache.  One muscle in my neck was truly throbbing – so I took some Advil and went upstairs to bed.  I have a special pillow that I have to use because of this neck pain – and typically after a good nights sleep, I’m fine in the morning.

Well, at some point last night or very early this morning, I went to roll over and felt what I can only characterize as a Charlie (no pun intended on this one!) Horse in my back.  It was a muscle between my spine and shoulder blade.  I tried moving – and the pain only got worse.  Eventually I did fall back asleep, but I woke up this morning and the pain was horrific.  I look like a 90 year old woman trying to move. (and even then, my mother tells me that she knows 90 year olds that are moving better than I am this morning.  Thanks Mom!)

Originally I wasn’t going to blog – I can barely hold my head straight enough to stop my back from killing, so blogging wasn’t a big priority – then I started thinking about the band.  How on earth do they do it?!?  I will be 40 in just 19 days, and that makes me younger than the band, and yet I haven’t ever seen Simon stop and think before jumping off of the drum riser or dancing on stage.  (some might say that perhaps he should have! :D)   I suppose that by continuing to work out each night doing shows, they stay in a lot better shape than I am right now, but even so, I have to hand it to them.  I’m not sure I could do as active of a show at their age, and they do it almost every night when they’re touring!

Over the weekend, I went with my husband and some friends of ours to a Ragtime festival in Fullerton.  My husband is a piano player, and he loves Scott Joplin. The festival was fun, obviously completely different from a rock concert, and what struck me upon getting to the small club where the festival was held was that the audience was made up  almost entirely of senior citizens.  Many of them had to be in their 80’s, and as I watched – many of them were smiling, bouncing with the music and just enjoying themselves.  To many of these people, this WAS their rock music.  Ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, Dixieland – all of them are forms of jazz that were popular back in their day.  Rock and Roll didn’t even begin until the 50’s, so to this generation – Ragtime was it!  The beauty of this music is that even at their age, they can sit and listen to piano players recreate the sounds of their youth.  (many of whom were in the same basic age range as the audience!)  I’m just wondering if Simon, John, Nick & Roger are going to be OK with coming to play for all of us as they reach their 70’s and 80’s…even if we’re all sitting in chairs while they do it!  😀   Better keep working out guys, because we’re going to keep needing our “group therapy” for quite a while!!

Now, if you all will excuse me, I’m going to hobble on over and get some Advil!


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