How Many Shows of the Let It Flow Tour (Aug. 5, 1999 – Oct. 12, 1999) Did You See?

Welcome to the next poll/post in the continuing series about fan participation in Duran tours.  I have started with the most recent tour and have been moving backwards.  This week, the poll asks about participation in the Let It Flow Tour.  This tour took place between August and October 1999 in the US.  Please vote in the poll below to share how many shows you attended!  If you need to check locations and dates, please go to the complete tour list here.

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2 thoughts on “How Many Shows of the Let It Flow Tour (Aug. 5, 1999 – Oct. 12, 1999) Did You See?”

  1. I didn’t attend any show: I had time and probably enough money to fly where I wanted to, but I can remember no one wanted to fly and attend with me.

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