How Many Shows of the Red Carpet Massacre Tour (Oct. 27, 2007 – Oct. 3, 2010) Did You See?

I am continuing my series of blogs/polls about which tour was the most popular.  Last week, I asked about the All You Need Is Now tour.  If you did not vote, you still can here.  These polls simply ask how many shows you saw.  One aspect of the question that I didn’t think about is the question about canceled shows.  Do those count, people wanted to know?  They had every intention of going but didn’t when those shows weren’t rescheduled.  To me, if you made up the shows at a later date, they shouldn’t count.  If you didn’t, though, they should count.  The Red Carpet Massacre Tour also had canceled shows.  This time, I included that as an option.  If that fits you, I would love for you to comment about how many shows of yours were canceled.

Also, be aware that I included the dates of the Red Carpet Massacre Tour.  According to, this tour did not start until right before the Broadway run.  Some people might think the fan show in June of 2007 would count since Night Runner was played, but the band’s official site says no.  It wasn’t.  That show was part of the Astronaut tour.  Likewise, the tour ended in 2010, just a couple months before the iTunes release of All You Need Is Now.  With all this being said, how many shows did you attend??


36 thoughts on “How Many Shows of the Red Carpet Massacre Tour (Oct. 27, 2007 – Oct. 3, 2010) Did You See?”

  1. Red Carpet Massacre Tour was my first #DDLive. I went on Friday and Saturday. It was incredible experience.
    I could make new friends and met old ones. Good memories which I’ll keep on my heart and mind.
    Best wishes from São Paulo – Brazil.

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