How Many Shows of the Reunion Tour (July 7, 2003 – December 6, 2004) Did You See?

This poll is part of my continuing series about fan participation in Duran Duran tours.

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I’m continuing to move back in time.  This week, I’m looking at the Reunion Tour, which according to Duran’s official website began in Japan in July of 2003 and ended with those December shows of 2004.  Please take a look at the list of official shows and then indicate on here how many shows you attended!

37 thoughts on “How Many Shows of the Reunion Tour (July 7, 2003 – December 6, 2004) Did You See?”

  1. I will answer 2, even though, I really disagree that the December 2004 shows were part of this tour. I just wish like hell I could have gone to the Roxy or to San Diego or Vegas in 2003.

    1. You can disagree. Heck, I might disagree about the dates but I must go with what is listed on the official site. Perhaps, they didn’t count those December shows because they were just Duran shows. -A

    1. Not saying that they actually read the blog, but maybe posting the name of your country might give the rest of our readers some insight as to the places in the world they’ve been ignoring for far too long?? -R

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