How Old Were You When You First Saw Duran Live?

Recently, I started asking a lot of questions about touring, tours, and people’s personal concert experiences.  First, I asked what year people first saw Duran Duran live.  The results of that question you can see here.  Then, I realized that a better way to ask the question would be to ask which tour people first went to see Duran.  That poll is here.  It is still open.  Thus, if you haven’t indicated what tour was your first, please do!  Right now, we have had 169 people share, but I know that there are a lot more Duranies out there than that!!  Feel free to share the link with your Duranie friends, too!

So far, the results somewhat match the year question.  The Strange Behaviour Tour of 1987 led the way, followed by Sing Blue Silver of 1983-1984, All You Need Is Now (the most recent tour) and Astronaut of 2004 to 2006.  What is interesting to me is that people were motivated to go and could go see Duran for the first time during the height of their popularity of the 1980s or during the recent post-reunion years, basically.

Now, I’m finally getting to the next question.  How old were you when you first saw Duran live?  I suspect that there will be a lot of votes for late teenage years (15-19) for those mid-1980s shows and then a lot of votes for older (30-35) for the most recent tours.  In order to see if this is true, I ask you to vote and share among friends! Thanks!!!


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