How to Convert Non-Duranies

Have you come across people in your life that do not understand your Duranie-ness?  Have you had to explain to people why you like Duran Duran so much?  Have you ever wanted to make a casual fan a Duranie in order to have someone join you for Duranie events like Durandemonium, to go to shows or to tour with?  Then, this guide on how to convert people to be Duranies is for you!!

Step 1: 
Discuss music with the person.  Be general.  Ask about what type of music the person listens to.  Mentally file away his/her answers. 
Step 2:
Retrieve those mentally filed responses about what type of music your person-to-be-converted likes and match them up as best as you can with Duran songs.  If possible, match up the genre with as many Duran songs as you can.  Some examples of matches might include:
Non-love song ballads = Ordinary World
Love song ballads =  Come Undone
Rock ‘n’ Roll = Careless Memories
Punk/Post Punk  =  Red Carpet Massacre
Dance/Funk = Notorious
Dance/Disco = Safe
Artistic/Goth  =  The Man Who Stole a Leopard
Classical = Return to Now
Pop = Rio
Hip Hop = White Lines
Techno = Tempted
Step 3:
Prefer playlist of these matched up genre to Duran songs.  Play the playlist to the person-to-be-converted.  If, at all possible, play the songs in the car.  The person is a captive audience then.  If the person does not respond, verbally or otherwise, to the tracks, initiate discussion.  One might begin the conversation with, “This song so reminds me of  (blank) genre.  I can’t be the only one to hear that similarity, am I?”  At this point, it is important to gage the other person’s reaction.  If this person remains quiet, analyze body language.  Is there any tapping of feet or movement of head in time with the beat?  If so, continue conversation with something like the following, “Did you know that one of Duran’s influences was (insert most commonly related influence to the genre)?  I love how they embraced this influence to make songs like this one.”  If the person-to-be-converted appears more unbreakable, then, move on to the next track and repeat until it catches.
Step 4:
Invite person-to-be-converted over to your house.  At the get together, put on some Duran on the TV.  Be sure to prepare the viewing for the best and biggest TV, if you have more than one TV, in the house.   I recommend starting with a live performance first and then moving to videos before finishing with documentaries.  That said, if you get the feeling that your subject needs the viewing material in a different order, then, by all means, change the order but be certain with your choice.  Moving too quickly to documentaries might scare some potential Duranies away as documentaries tend to be so overwhelming as they typically feature live performances, videos and interviews.  It is too much for many to handle. 
The recommended order could be as follows:
A Diamond in the Mind
Sing Blue Silver
Step 5:
This is the biggest and most important one.  Take the person to a concert.  Now, the non-Duranie probably won’t want to spend the money for VIP but either convince them to or get the closest non-VIP seats you can.  This is essential.  The soon-to-be-Duranie needs to experience the power of their live performances.  S/he needs to feel the reaction from all of the Duranies.  The excitement, the passion is contagious.  It is impossible to fight.  The closer you are the more likely that the almost-Duranie would have a “moment” with a band member or two.  Typically, all it takes is a smile from one of the guys to hook people, especially people attracted to men. 
Step 6:
Repeat all steps as necessary.
***Of course, and this goes without saying that each and every step needs to be completed with all of the passion you have as Duranie.  If your fandom is lacking, you will not be successful in your attempt at converting the non-Duranies among us. 
Good luck and may the Duranie force be with you.

6 thoughts on “How to Convert Non-Duranies”

  1. funny, crazy, hilarious read!
    thanks for making me laugh, I needed it, it has been a hard week to me.
    I'd recommend also to tell the non-duranie person some music history in particular about the biggest creations in music so far: videoclips, mp3,etc… (the band pioneered almost all!).
    Generally try to be serious, proud, but to never insist, to never sound boring…

  2. What a great topic!!!! Live show is a must-I have dragged non-Duranies to the concerts and they have been impressed.

    Also would add Alternative Rock category and include Too Much Information, Playing With Uranium, or So Long Suicide as the choices.

    Great Blog!!!!!

  3. Glad that it gave you a laugh! It was a tough week for me as well!

    You are definitely right that I could have pointed out that the band has been pioneers in so many aspects.


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