I dream of ostriches and chariots…

The mystery continues…

I cannot help but comment once again on @TVManiaMusic – and if you’re not following them on Twitter, you really should. As I mentioned yesterday, the tweets are mildly chilling at times, probably over the fence in freakyland, but amusing all the same. The fact is, they get you thinking, even if you’re not into seeing broccoli shaped as a purse, or an eyeball looking at you on someone else’s blog.  
I tend to be curious about the actual content of what is being tweeted – I want to know why I am looking at a lady riding an ostrich-pulled chariot, for instance; or what is significant about a voice-activated tape recorder (although one of those saved my behind in college, and I don’t mind dating myself to say that!!)  Though I suspect that it isn’t the tweets as a whole that should be considered, but rather that each tweet is independent of one another…kind of in the same respect as what would happen if you changed channels on your TV.  (TV Mania…get it?!?) These tweets are sort of like sound bytes.  If they had sound…. 
Others are obsessed with trying to discern who is tweeting.  Is it Nick?  Is it Warren?  Is it Katy?  (I said that if Nick was emailing all of this to Katy who then in turn tweeted – she wasn’t being paid enough. I stand by that assessment.)  My Twitterfeed was all abuzz last night with friends discussing the possibilities, as well as the freak-factor, and I too wondered just who could be responsible. Yesterday there seemed to be a preponderance of tweets with subtle messages regarding art, fashion and even pop culture…but there were also at least a couple with regard to every housewife’s favorite drug – Prozac. (Hey, I hear that’s the case. Personally I wouldn’t touch the stuff, but those are my own control issues at work and I make no judgements otherwise.) I’m still slightly obsessed with the idea of an ostrich pulling me around on a chariot though.  I think I’d prefer a male peacock.  More showy…  I still haven’t solved the puzzle of whom is tweeting, but I have come up with a question of my own.
Does it really matter?
As I mentioned to some friends last night, I don’t think the point of @TVManiaMusic is to chat with followers.  Maybe that will change (I’m doubtful), but I think the point is exactly what it is doing – it’s getting us talking about it, and thinking.  While I think it’s natural to be curious of who might be working behind the scenes, the goal of the twitter isn’t necessarily to communicate on that sort of level with fans. It is to get the fans talking to one another. It’s to market the cause. The more we talk, the more we mention the name, the more our own friends and followers get curious, follow and so on. It’s funny because while I do think the band has gotten closer to the fans as a result of Twitter, I am not so sure it’s an effective marketing tool in so far as sales. Think about that.  How many of us who are following them right now (@DuranDuran, @ThisistherealJT, @SimonJCLeBon, @DomBrownMusic) would NOT have bothered buying All You Need is Now if it hadn’t been for Twitter?  I would argue that number to be very, very few – if any.  However, @TVManiaMusic seems to be utilizing the media much differently, and while right now their follower number is low (if you are reading this right now and are already on Twitter – follow them – and if not, go grab yourself an account and get following!), those who are following are curious.  Curiosity might actually lead to sales.  
I still hope, as do the rest of you who are obsessed with broccoli purses, eyeballs and ostrich-driven chariots, that Nick or Warren will make themselves known…but until then, I look forward to being baffled yet again, and in case you were wondering, I’m very curious about that album now!

2 thoughts on “I dream of ostriches and chariots…”

  1. Its @EasternViolet (Heather)

    I've been having an absolute blast following these random, thought provoking tweets. It certainly is creating dialogue amongst TVMania followers on Twitter. Last night I was part of a discussion about our experiences with Prozac, and another discussion, I helped another user “get” cubism which led to a long discussion concerning modern art movements (Nick would be proud, I am sure!)

    Some of the posts are weird (Ostrich lady anyone? the Broccoli purse?) And others are haunting, very morose (the blury image of the guy that stated he would be 32 now…)

    Of course, I have particapted in theories as to who is posting. My current theory is that the content is being forwarded to Katy, who is posting to twitter. I also imagine the look on her face, which entertains me to no ends.

    As to who is behind all the mysterious messages, I am leaning toward Nick, as they are quite esoteric/avant guard … but then again, I know little to nothing about Warren. Is he an artsy type like Nick?

    Whatever the intent… I don't think it matters… people are talking–isnt that the point?

  2. My points exactly, Heather.

    …and I love modern art. One thing that Amanda and I really enjoy doing when we're somewhere new is to find a local art museum and see what they have. Both of us tend to love the quirkier stuff best, but I took more than a few art history classes in college (as well as after), so I really love all of it. My subject of my thesis was A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat. I was thrilled when I saw it in person in Chicago one year…on a Duran trip no less.

    So I would agree, the point is to get everyone talking – and I think @TVManiaMusic is doing a fine job of that!!


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