I light my torch and wave it…

There are days when it is really tough to be a fan.

Then there are more days when it is really tough to follow one’s own advice.

For me, yesterday was a little bit of both. I’m somewhat ashamed to admit that I got caught up in being on the defensive for Duran Duran when I probably should have shut the screen on my laptop and walked away. Yesterday could have been a productive cleaning day for me here in the house, but instead I felt as though I needed to clean up the mess left behind by more than one blogger, journalist and even an “anti-fan” or two.

I’ve blogged about how personal the music is. I’ve blogged about how the line between the band and fan gets somewhat blurred just because the music has played such a key role during various points in our lives. Their victories as a band feel very much like our victories as fans. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to separate the two, even when we know we must.  Yesterday was in fact one of those days for me, and I would imagine it was very much that way for many of our readers.

I kept waiting for the news to get better yesterday. I was waiting patiently for someone to blog about how fantastic it was that the band was involved with the Olympics, and that they were in fact deserving. Aside from a wayward Duran fan or two – I really didn’t see much along those lines. In fairness, inflammatory comments tend to “sell” blogs. It gets them read by many people. Those people tend to comment, and then post links for their friends to also read and comment. Next thing you know, you’ve got page views reaching 50,000 or more.  It happens. Let’s face it, after reading a wonderful review or two from a show, I don’t tend to keep reading. No need really. However, yesterday I made damn certain to read every last blog on the subject of the Olympics, becoming more and more incensed with each click of the mouse. I would see fellow fans posting links to these blogs and articles, trying to get the attention of other fans. It was the talk of the entire day on Twitter, and as much as I knew I should just get up and walk away – it was like the train wreck I could not move away from.  Nothing else got done, that is for sure, and at the end of the day I felt like I’d fought a war, and completely lost.

I’m really not sure why I was so surprised to see the backlash and outcry from the announcement that Duran Duran was playing the Olympics. I think it’s been this way, this sort of battle for the band since it’s inception. I suppose my own frustration and anger comes from just being sick of defending them. It’s as though the past thirty years has counted for absolutely nothing. No matter how much they’ve accomplished the playing field gets leveled to the Girls on Film video, Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf and the fact that they wore makeup and frilly tops. It’s disgusting. I can’t count how many times I saw the words “irrelevant” yesterday, or “has beens”.  Or my personal favorite, “Their fans still believe it’s still 1984”. It felt like a slap to MY face, and I’m not even in the damn band.  Makes me wonder how they weather this kind of thing on a daily basis. I have to admit, if it were like this every day I’d hide in a hole somewhere and never read a single paper!

It took until pretty late in the day for the news to start making it’s way into blogs and news items coming from the US, and so today I’m starting to see and read some opinion pieces on the subject.  So far, I have to say that I’m seeing more optimism than I did yesterday.  That alone is fascinating to me, given that from what I could see yesterday – their fellow English were harder on them than anyone else.  It’s an interesting world we live in.

Bottom line for me is that I’m very proud of the band. It’s not as though the Olympics are held every year, or that they are held in London each time. This may be the only time the Olympics are held in that city during my lifetime, and I am extremely proud that the band I’ve loved all of these years have been highlighted to be a part of a showcase they are bringing to the rest of the world.  The critics may have their say, and perhaps some “anti-fans” out there feel as though they are just a “token band”.   After it is all said and done, it’s going to be the band and their fans left behind with this memory carried like a torch in our hands, just the way it has always been, and that’s good enough for me.


10 thoughts on “I light my torch and wave it…”

  1. I also was very frustrated by all this yesterday. When I saw they were trending in the morning and moved up to 3rd on the list I was thinking wow, wow, wow. When I looked at their timelines, it was OMG, there was negative after negative, peoples ignorance to who they are, their achievments, and even insults that Simon Cowell Factory produced puppets were better qualified than them for the job. I was mortified, I felt I had to do my bit, and had a very unproductive day personally, but felt I someway had to help. I spent the day tweeting these reporters and bloggers who were writing this stuff, I found a few of them were so young and niaive and lacked knowledge. In the instance of Lucy Jones she clearly was an idiot she wrote that horrific report condemning them basically as an 80s Nostalgia act, then later that night I saw a report she wrote for SXSW last year, where she referred to them as Legends, and deserving of their place! That made me realise that these bloggers / reporters really havent got a clue. I further delved into the timeline of Ms Lucy Jones to see unprofessional tweets about how she is bored with her job! Says it all, but people like this can cause an outcry and influence peoples views with such reporting. I was further disappointed that the band themselves didnt make any statements or make any appearances on the news programmes, whilst they are on tour, we are in a world where satellites zoom in on our every move. I wish someone had put out a press release with the details about Duran's achievements, in my day in a press office that would have been supplied to the reporters at the time they were given the press release of them performing.

  2. Thanks to both of you for your comments! I suppose I took this issue to heart merely because it seems like after 30 years it would be time to give the band their just due, but of course – that's not to be found just yet. I've had fans ridicule me a bit today, saying that I shouldn't care and that the band doesn't “need” defended. I suppose on one hand that might be true, and on the other I think they are missing my point completely. It's not about defending them. It's about the fact that after all of this time that anyone even questions their “right” to participate in such events. If I can't comment on that, then what good is writing the blog at all? I suppose those same fans might say that the blog is completely unneeded.



  3. Rhonda,
    let me think… it's already done, the band was given their just due: they were selected among lots of other prestigious bands, they were selected ! What other people say isn't relevant… they were selected!


  4. You are right Duran has had their fair share of kicks in the pants if you will…heck I still get comments b/c of my love for them…honestly I have gotten used to it and don't feel the need to “entertain” those that want to slam them. I think quite possibly the band may feel the same way and that may be why they didn't make any statements to their achievements and why they should be picked….they don't give a flying turd what their critics say….they made it…they know us fans are elated for them….why bother responding to rubbish or “qualifying themselves” for the job. JT even tweeted/FB about the Lucy Jones chick asking who the F….she was….thought that was hilarious. I think the guys have thick skin. I understand how you feel though as I almost got sucked into the negativity and almost went to battle for them too but then I thought for a moment and decided against it. DD has been around for over 30 years and still making AWESOME music…..how many of their critics will still be writing their blogs/articles in 30 yrs?

  5. Well, I had better be writing in thirty years because I've got 3 kids to put through college…but that's neither here nor there. LOL

    I need to learn how to grow some thicker skin, and that's OK. I'm learning. 🙂 Thanks for commenting! -R

  6. I totally admit, I got caught up in it and I'm not ashamed of it. I lit a torch or two. 🙂

    If people are going to bitch about them playing that loudly(and unfairly for the most part, spouting old cliches that were never true in the first place) then I think it's only fair for there to be people out there making it clear that not everyone feels that way. I don't care so much about the way it insults us, their fans, though I don't like it either because given most of us are grown up, successful women with families, but I really feel for the band still having to deal with this stuff when they should be able to just feel really good something. No matter how expected it is and no matter how used to it they are, it must still be a little hurtful.

    But I did see a link to the post of the announcement on gossip blog ONTD and on there out of the 75 or so comments at the time, there was only one mildly negative comment, out of the ones who mentioned Duran Duran, the comments were all along the lines of “Yay Duran Duran” or “Love them”. To be honest I think that's more the way the majority of people who have any interest, at least outside of the UK, feel about it.

  7. It's good to see that…and you know, if it feels good to say that you think they are great and deserving, then it's definitely your right (OUR right) to say so. Good for you! -R

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