I refuse to title this blog Election Day!

It’s Election Day here in the United States.

This is a day where Daily Duranie cannot even post a simple “Sunrise or What Happens Tomorrow” question without someone (or many) making a political statement.  It is that kind of day, which would be fine if we all felt the same way – but of course, that isn’t the case.

I originally had another blog written, extolling the virtues of being able to speak ones mind, whether artist, celebrity, musician or plain ole regular person.  When I sat back and re-read it,  I found myself uncomfortable. Simply put, I feel very strongly that Daily Duranie isn’t a place to be making political statements of any kind. It isn’t our purpose. We unite the fans – regardless of political conviction. I insist on positivity, and invite our readers do do the same.

Instead, I offer a video as a gesture of celebration. We here in the United States are extremely lucky that we have the right to vote. I hope each of you took the time to do so – other citizens around our world are not necessarily in the same boat.

It’s the 9 minute version of Election Day. Can’t really have too much of Arcadia, can you??


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