I sense the rhythm humming in a frenzy

Sorry to interrupt the ramblings of JoSi fantasies out there… or for the really twisted amongst you, the RhoAm.  (Listen, I don’t make UP the fantasies to which our readers admit, and if you find yourself confused, go ahead and check out the JoSi blog from over the long weekend)…but I’m here to talk Durandemonium. The convention.

We’re only 45 days away from taking over the city of Chicago (or at least the Amalfi Hotel).  If that gets your blood flowing, then you should imagine how Amanda, myself and the rest of the convention committee feel. We’re in a near panic!  We are working to plan decorations for the Saturday night party, finishing plans for some really great raffle and door prize items…and I’m working on a program of events that will be lovingly placed in each registrants packet for the weekend. We’ve got laminates coming…because we’re all VIP’s in this fan community, darn it…the slideshow is finished…Amanda is working steadily on the FanBook that everyone will be receiving (and by the way, if you’re attending the convention and have NOT gotten that fan book information completed – step on it!  Amanda needs it all done ASAP so that she can  get everything finished.  We’re getting t-shirts printed, talking banquet menu and even drink menu for our own afterparty at the Late Bar, not to mention working with Late Bar on getting transportation to the bar and back from the club.  If that weren’t enough, we’re still ironing out details for the author panel (because Duranies are smart people and we’re going to flex a teensy bit of that brain muscle on Saturday morning when we get together for a little chat about being a fan). It’s busy, it’s nerve-wracking because we want everyone to have a great time, and we do it because we’re insane.  Well, it’s because we love being fans, too…but make no mistake, Amanda and I realize just how crazy we were to ever say that we should do this!

Over the weekend, Amanda and I put the finishing touches (well, it was mostly Amanda but I was right there on the phone giving my never-ending opinion and words of support.  I was!) on the music playlist that will be heard during dinner. Sure, we could have left it to chance and hoped our DJ would know what to do…but we also thought it might be a great time to expose. To educate.  Enhance ones musical diet, even.  What am I talking about?  For nearly two years now, Amanda has attempted to start the day by asking a simple this or that question of Duranies.  If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you are probably used to seeing the question of the day, and maybe you even take the 30 seconds to participate.  Many, many times the question has been regarding songs, groups, etc that not many of our Duranie buddies has heard of…and yet they might be side projects, solo projects or one-offs that the band has been involved in over the years, but due to circumstance, interest or otherwise, we’ve had people say “I don’t know that one.”  So we agreed that this playlist would give everyone a good taste of what’s out there.  Now, I’m not going to give away the playlist here, although we’re going to go ahead and print the order of the playlist in the program in case someone hears something they like and wants to go get it off of iTunes.  We’re trying to cover everything from The Devils to Neurotic Outsiders to Blue to Brown, and all of it will provide just the right ambience for the fantastic evening ahead.

So with those to-do lists in my head and a day of getting back into homeschooling ahead…I’m off.  45 days, people.  The time will go quickly, and maybe before we get there – we’ll be lucky enough to get a teensy snippet of what the band has been working on to whet our appetites.

Or not.  Which is perfectly fine as well. One thing I’ve learned about Duranies – under the right conditions we can create our own energy, just like a wildfire creates it’s own weather. I think the convention is going to be just that kind of weekend experience.  The band can thank us later….with another great album and a fantastic tour.   We’ll be ready.


One thought on “I sense the rhythm humming in a frenzy”

  1. Super blog Rhonda – I know I am excited and thrilled to be a part! Laminates are done and games are a'brewing!! Can't wait to hear the playlist and get the shirts printed!

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