I should be in Tahiti!

Today my best friend from here in “The OC” is at a beach somewhere on Bora Bora in Tahiti.  I’m sure it’s sunny, warm and deliciously non-winter like.  They are staying at a fancy resort where their rooms are huts out over the water, and I can’t wait until she gets home next weekend so that I can sit and salivate over the pictures and descriptions of what it was all like!   I’m only partly jealous because while this is an extravagant vacation, I happen to know just how often her husband is away from home during the year (I honestly think Duran Duran spends more time at home with their families than my friend Dave does with his)…and besides, I spent my vacation seeing Duran Duran while my husband and kids were still here at home!

Yeah….Tahiti still sounds pretty enticing!  Simon, Nick, John, Roger & Dom aside….

Here in California today, it is grey, cool…almost threatening to actually rain (*gasp*), and I am sick on the couch with the flu.  Some winters I’m lucky and don’t get sick very often, but so far this winter is not measuring up.  This flu is particularly bad though due to the fever I’m fighting, and since its the week before Christmas – which in our house is a major holiday – the timing really couldn’t be worse.  Today I was to go grocery shopping for the entire week, including Christmas – and then tomorrow is cookie baking day. My sister arrives on Wednesday, and then after that the week and tasks become a blur through until next Monday.  Instead, my husband took one look at me before he left for work this morning and said “Rest. Stay in bed.  Make me a list and I’ll take care of it.”   Famous last words, although I appreciate his optimism.    Staying in bed and “resting” don’t work with a 3 year old, even though my older two are home on holiday break for the next couple of weeks.  My point is that I don’t even work outside of the house and it still takes me all day to accomplish things.  He’s going to be at work until about 6, get home here around 7pm and then go shopping?  Oh boy and good luck!

So my friends, I do need to get better.  Quickly.  It makes me wonder how the band does it when they’re sick.  I mean, they can’t go around canceling shows whenever they’re ill, although I suppose they power through it the way I need to do this week.  I think it was Dom that said something about having tons of adrenaline.  I need some of that, except I’m pretty sure I used that all up during my trip!  I need to reload.  In the meantime, I’m going to take some Advil (thank goodness for Advil), grab a blanket and try to rest.

Hopefully I’ll have some dreams of being on a beach in Tahiti.  You can pick the band member that will be my personal bartender and bring me drinks!


2 thoughts on “I should be in Tahiti!”

  1. Hi Rhonda, interesting new presentation, not sure about the titles in lavender over a lavender background maybe a bit hard to read (for an old man like me). Isn't what you saing is the Mediteranea lyrics? 😉

    For what the guys do whn they are sick I saw Simon back in the RCM tour in Montreal, visibly sick on stage. He was blowing his nose not always in a very beautiful way. But hey the show must go on and they deliver a great show as usual! I'm sure lots of girls would have love to take care of him. And it make me smile thinking about Elvis giving away some towel with his sweat on it. But that night I was impressed that Simon sing as well as usual. Call that Profesional!

    Love you!


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