I Take the Dice…or a Diamond…or just a piece of cake!

I love it when good things come together.  Some of my favorites?  Peanut Butter and jelly, ice cream and hot fudge, cheese and crackers….

Duran Duran, Qello (pronounced “kwellow”…like yellow) & Facebook….all rolled up in one yummy premier.

After getting myself thoroughly confused yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Hagan Blount of Qello yesterday afternoon.  Hagan is the Director of Social Media for Qello, and he was kind enough to walk me through what Duran fans might hope to gain by grabbing a premiere ticket to see Diamond in the Mind on Sunday.

Ultimately, this premiere isn’t meant to draw from DVD or Blu-Ray sales, and that’s an  important point.  This show will be sort of like the frosting on a big cake, because while the show itself will be amazing – through the power of Qello, I’ll be able to squeal with delight over JoSi moments with Amanda, even though we live thousands of miles apart.  I’ll be able to chat with my dear friend Fabiana, who lives in the opposite hemisphere, about her painted face appearing above the band in Rio…and I hear that the band has even done an exclusive audio commentary for the premiere!  When the show is over, I might even have a chance to tell the band just how incredible it was to see them perform in their own country, since the band will be calling in from their tour stop in Istanbul to do a special Q&A session for the Facebook Premiere after the show.  It’s adding another dimension to our viewing experience, and while sure – it’s going to be great just to get the DVD or Blu-Ray, I think there’s something extra special in watching with other people who get Duran Duran just as much as I do.

It’s the sweetness of the extras that put me over the edge, and yeah…for less than $5.00 I’m willing to bet the cake is going to taste delectable. I can’t even get a large coffee at a local Starbucks with all the trimmings for that.  The number one comment I have read in the past 24 hours regarding the Facebook premiere is “Why should I pay for this when I’ve already paid to get the DVD?” While I would agree that on first glance it might seem to be the very same thing as watching the DVD once it’s delivered on the 10th of July, it’s really not for one simple reason: community.

One constant that Amanda and I come back to over and over during our research on fandom is the idea of community.  While the band and their music was/is the catalyst; it’s the community, the connections people have made with one another, that keep us returning through fantastic music, rough moments, and hopes for the future. I have to admit, I don’t even have the DVD or Blu-Ray on pre-order yet because watching it here alone doesn’t hold the same excitement that seeing a live show with friends would.  I’ll eventually order it (I promise!), but while I’m interested – I guess I wasn’t that excited.  Until today.

One of my biggest concerns with the premiere was my overall confusion as to where to get what and when.  The answer is embarrassingly easy.  One needs to buy the ticket through the Premier application on Facebook. (You can find this right here.)  I did have concerns about Facebook security, purely because like most of you – I’ve heard enough nightmares and had my own account hacked more than once.  I’ve been assured though, that since Facebook bought Zynga (who powers the Facebook “credit” application), those issues have been addressed.  While I can’t promise my readers the unthinkable will never happen, I can say that I did go back and buy the ticket and I refuse to live in fear.  Concern, maybe…fear?  Nevah!  Once I purchased the ticket, an email was delivered to me with instructions of how I can go over to Qello to experience my 30 day “All Access Pass”.  I took a quick peak, but I can promise – I’ll be going back over there during any spare time I can carve out of my day.  Did you know they have the Rio Classic Album video over there? They have videos from Culture Club, INXS and much, much more…and this is just in beta. On the day of the premiere, I understand that there will be a link that those of us who bought tickets will be able to access, and I’ll be there waiting for the show!  As I said yesterday, I really think Qello is worth checking out, and I can imagine that in the coming years, we’ll be buying tickets to experience more and more concerts “live” online.  Can you imagine the day when we never have to miss a single Duran show simply because we can’t travel to get there?  I can…and I think the day might have arrived.

So, after chatting with Hagan, he convinced me to run and buy my ticket, so I did.  I know many of you are yet to be convinced, and perhaps my blog does nothing to sway you. While I can understand that, I also have to say that it’s less than $5.00 to try this out.  Many of us spent over $60.00 to order the deluxe package sight unseen that we’ll watch in our own homes with no one around to be excited with (in most cases, anyway).  I paid less than five bucks to watch the presentation, hear an exclusive audio commentary, chat with friends during the show, and participate in an online Q&A after the show with the band.  Seems like a pretty fair deal.

Now to win one of those VIP tickets….(I have no idea what’s included with those, but I want one!)  See you on July 8th, make room for me in front of Dom!


18 thoughts on “I Take the Dice…or a Diamond…or just a piece of cake!”

  1. would be so amazing if they did this for live shows! omg can you imagine the dough they'd rake in?? duranies would eat that UP!

  2. I'm no “business person”, but even I can see the marketing and money potential here. I really foresee this being the next big change in the industry. The inroads are already being made – many concerts are being filmed and shown in theaters for special engagements, and I know that NKOTB did something similar to Duran's DITM premiere – although their show was indeed broadcast live as I understand. I don't know how the band would feel being filmed at EVERY show, especially since they seem to be the type of band that always has to be filmed on their “best side”, but I can certainly see them doing that sort of thing for at least a handful of shows. At least, I think they should. It would pay them handsomely in the long run. -R

  3. You're lucky to get an answer out of them. They don't seem to want to asnwer queries from people about other screening times etc. I guess that's because we are in the true 'other' hemisphere (the Southern one)!

    It's all about promotion and marketing.

    I just can't share your enthusiasm sorry.

  4. I'm very sorry to hear they weren't helpful with you, but the reality is that they ARE a business. Of COURSE it's about promotion and marketing. They need sales otherwise they wouldn't be in business. I don't think they should need to apologize for that any more than I think the band should apologize for charging us to see their shows. That said, I'm looking forward to seeing what the band has in store and Qello will do with broadcasting the premiere. -R

  5. I think it sucks that the screening time is not good for so many people. I suspect part of the problem is that the band is only available for the live part at one time.


  6. I am looking forward to the part where we can chat with others during the show. I have watched a few of Dom's Blue to Brown gigs from the Bedford and in the beginning, we chatted on DDM, then we were able to chat directly on the Bedford site. I loved feeling that we all were experiencing it together and when we spotted a friend in the audience, we could comment and someone would send the a text so they knew and then they would respond. It was all so fun and interactive. This won't be live like THAT, but it will still be a shared experience. It will be almost as fun as when I went to the LA screening of Live From London and sat in the theatre with a bunch of crazy Duranies singing along and chanting @ John's intro. (I can only IMAGINE what the people walking PAST thew theatre were thinking @ THAT moment!! LOL! They just come out of their movie: “Did they just say, 'Play the f….'??? What the hell is going ON in there?”)

  7. On behalf of those who went to the Terminal 5 show, I beg of you: no more cake references please!

    Seriously though, thank you for investigating & posting about it. I too was leery about giving any money through Facebook.

    But I'm really looking forward to see what unfolds (wink) on Sunday!

  8. But does it actually cost them to play it a couple of times? Surely not – they'd get that back. I understand about the one off Q and A. Offer the screening, a second time, at a reduced price.

  9. Had a similar community experience on Twitter a few months ago when BBC4 showed Depeche Mode's “101” late one Saturday night. People all over were commenting and conversing with each other throughout the movie via #depechemode101, including the wife of one of the band members as she watched from her hotel room in Europe. Being in the US and not yet using TunnelBear, I had to sync up my DVD via comments people were making on what was happening, but it was loads of fun. Always thought it could be cool to do that with “Sing Blue Silver” or “Live from London.”

  10. A lot of indie artists do this – have live concerts online and charge a low ticket price. Especially with the cost of actual touring now, many just can't afford it any more, and this gives them an easy way to still bring in some show revenue.

  11. I'm sure that after we dine on our cake…the rest of the Duranie audience that did not partake will be absolutely GREEN with envy.

    Yeah…I should probably be slapped. 😀 -R

  12. That's actually not a bad idea with regard to SBS or Live from London, Jaime. It might be kind of fun to have a chat room type of deal going and then sync up our individual DVD players….perhaps this is something we can look into, especially while the band is on hiatus and the community is going through serious withdrawals!! 😀 -R

  13. I think it does actually them to play the screening more than once, but it depends on which “them” you are meaning here. When I spoke to Hagan at Qello – he made a great point of saying they didn't want to cannibalize the sales of the DVD/Blu-ray package. I have a feeling they struck a deal with the band (or their distribution label for the DVD) in order to get the permissions necessary to even broadcast the show one time, and that of course is because it will be lynched as quickly as it takes me to type one word here and then shot up on youtube or other sites for all to grab for free, meaning that Duran Duran would potentially lose out on sales, as of course would Qello. Dozens of fans have already taken great pains to mention to me that the Q&A will be up for grabs on youtube just as quickly as it's broadcast (so why buy the premiere on Facebook when you can see it for free later, even if you can't necessarily participate)..and so while I would agree that it would be wonderful if it were broadcast more than once (and perhaps that will end up being the case even if it's not announced until later), I can certainly understand from a business standpoint why it would not be. Yes, it's unfortunate about the timing – but I don't know if there's really a good time that would be satisfactory across the globe for a one time showing, either. -R

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