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Have you formed your own TV Mania Franchise yet?! If not…get on it!! There’s still time to participate! Just as I was writing today’s blog, it was announced on Twitter that “Due to overwhelming response,@TVManiaMusic Franchise deadline is pushed back to Nov 25th. Will announce winners 1st week of Dec! “. So put on your thinking cap, grab a video camera and get to work! There are some really unique opportunities and prizes for the winners, including skyping with Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo.

I spent some time this morning watching some of the entries, which you can and should go check out for yourself on TV Mania’s Franchise playlist on YouTube (I linked to one of the videos). I wasn’t quite sure what I would find as I wandered through the playlist of about 14 videos (as of this morning), but I knew this contest went well-beyond what this blogger could possibly offer as an entry. I was more than happy to sit this one out as a spectator and enjoy the videos as they were posted.

As I meandered from one video to the next, I was able to see that many franchisees took advantage of the toolkit offered by TV Mania. This toolkit included both imagery as well as audio samplings that could be used by franchisees, and many did in fact find much to utilize, yet no video/audio piece was like any other. Each franchise found it’s own voice, and a few of the franchisees offered up more than one video. Truthfully, I especially enjoyed the videos that seemed to be created entirely on their own, music and video – without using the sampling toolkit from TV Mania – in fact there were a couple that offered music that I enjoyed, and they seemed to showcase the part of the world where they were made and still honored the “TV Mania” style.

My fellow DD/TV Mania fans are amazing people. There is so much artistry and creativity out there! I know that when this contest was first announced, I knew right away that there was no way I could possibly be involved. I just don’t have that kind of eye or ear, which is why I want to support those who gave it their best shot. I suspect there are others out there that feel similar, and that’s one thing I appreciate as a fan: there are many different types of contests and competitions. Plenty are visual-arts based, others such as this one combine visual and musical creativity, and still others simply require a basic “I want to enter” button to be clicked. Easy, and right up my alley!

I want to encourage our readers to go take a look at the TV Mania Franchise videos. Most of them are less than 3 minutes in length – I would imagine the playlist will grow between now and November 25th, take the time to go check them out!


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