If I Listen Close

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Duran Duran is answering calls from the fans to do more online video parties! Today – yes, this very afternoon/evening – Duran Duran is hosting another video party. This time on their Facebook page, we’ll have the opportunity to watch videos (no requests, please!) and chat amongst ourselves. I’m a little fuzzy on how they’re working the videos – but I’m up for any sort of diversion these days! Hopefully, this will give everyone a chance to smile, and maybe even put stress aside for an hour or two.

If that’s not quite enough, don’t forget our own DJ Velvet Rebel and The Music Between Us Livestream happening on Friday, 1pm PDT/9pm GMT. I know it is Good Friday, and that may not work out for everyone. I have a feeling there may be more of these as time goes on, so don’t worry. I am going to make a point to check in for sure!

I’m cutting this blog short today for a number of reasons, not the least of which being that tomorrow is a special day. Believe it or not, my husband and I were married on April 8, 2005, which means that tomorrow is our 25th anniversary. Yes, it really IS a miracle we’ve lasted that long.

The good news is that my kids are all here to celebrate with us (which is not by design or planning), and the bad news is…well…I think it’s pretty damn apropos that it’s happening during a pandemic. I mean, come on!! I do have to laugh. Two weeks ago or so, right as everything was being shut down, or maybe right after, I can’t remember now – Walt told me he had originally planned for us to go on a trip. My husband doesn’t plan. Definitely not a vacation or trip, or pretty much anything. Ever. (unless its a work meeting, of course!). So naturally, of course there’s a pandemic. Yes, I realize it could always be something worse. I’m choosing not to think about that.

So, instead of packing for a trip, I’m finishing up a handmade card and figuring out a menu for tomorrow. Cooking is last on my list of favorites, but in this situation, it’s the best option.

While I’m at it, shout-out to Jason, who is ALSO celebrating a special day tomorrow. It’s his birthday!!! Happy Birthday Jason!!


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