If You Can’t Destroy It, Might As Well Enjoy It

Duran Duran has always been thought of as a “good-looking band”.  Their image has always been important, to some extent.  The band took a lot of time and thought into their look and everything visual connected to them right from the beginning.  For example, logos were important.  Album and single covers were important.  Then, once videos were added in, they were important.  Fans ate up all of those images.  We couldn’t get enough.  We *squeed* when we got a new magazine that featured new centerfolds and we carefully added those new pinups to the walls of our bedroom.  Friends would often share in these moments by looking through magazines together, by watching videos together and *squeeing* at the same time.  The pictures from those early 80s are still shared, posted and *squeed* over to this day.  I’m sure there are many Duranies whose computers, Facebook accounts or twitter accounts feature many images of the band from those days.  The general public also got those images stuck in their heads.  In fact, they might be able to recall those images over the music of Duran.  They might mention the scene of Rio with the entire band singing on the yacht wearing those beautiful suits.  Other videos might be the first thoughts that come to mind, including Simon running through the jungle in Hungry Like the Wolf or the band on the beach in Save a Prayer.

As time went by, Duran’s images might not have not had the same level of coverage as they did in the early 1980s, but they didn’t go away.  With every new project, with every album, with every tour, image still seemed to be important to the band and the fan.  Fans still get excited about new pictures and will get upset if the image presented is not what they want.  For example, when the album cover for All You Need Is Now was released, there were many cries of disappointment because it did not feature a picture of the band.  Image and visual representations still matter.  What the band looks like still matters.    It seems to matter to the band and it still matters to a lot of the fans.  I don’t know that anyone could deny this.  Now, the question of the effects of that importance is a different deal.

While Duran’s image and good looks definitely got them attention and got people thinking about them, it wasn’t always positive for them.  When they first got success and fame, the band was often asked if they were only selling records because they were good looking.  The assumption there is that their fans didn’t know or care about the music.  They just liked them because the band members were “cute”.  Many critics assumed that because so many of the fans in the early 80s were young and female.  These young and female fans couldn’t know about music.  They couldn’t like them for their talent, it was believed.  Wrongly, I might add.  What choice did Duran have?  Do they stop worrying about their image and looks to get more critical acclaim?  Obviously, they did not change how they were doing things.  They stayed on track.  Yet, that criticism of people only liking Duran for their looks remains.  I frequently read articles on Duran or reviews of shows that still spend a lot of time talking about what they look like over their music.  This truly bothers many fans as well who feel like they are fans of the MUSIC and the music ONLY.  They don’t want the looks to be emphasized by the band, the media or the fans.  Perhaps, they even get frustrated when fans still focus so much on the band’s looks or images.  To them, this behavior stops Duran from getting the respect they deserve.  Maybe, Duran fans would be treated better as well.  While I understand that concern and desire to have Duran get kudos for their fabulous music, I can’t deny that their image has been important and continues to be.  The band hasn’t run from posting pictures of themselves.  Instead, I believe that fans can celebrate both–the music, first and foremost, while appreciating their good looks.

Thus, we will acknowledge the good looks by including them in our daily questions.  Here is how this is going to work.  We will ask people to send us their favorite pictures.  Then, we will vote between two pictures a day in our usual format until we find a favorite of each band member then groups. People need to send us their favorite pictures because we can’t choose from the thousands that are out there and don’t want to be voting on pictures forever (and we probably could!).  Ideally, I would also like people to send pictures of each time period:  1980-1989, 1990-2001, 2002-present.  We are going to go in the following order:  Simon, Roger, John, Dom, Nick, Andy, Group, side projects.  Right now, we have a little over a week left of questions about side and solo projects videos.  Then, we hope to start asking about Simon pictures.

Here is what we need right now.  We NEED YOUR HELP!  We need you to send you favorite pictures of Simon!!!!  You can send them to our email (dailyduranie@gmail.com), send us a message on Facebook, or send us a direct message on twitter with them.  The key is that we would like to reveal the pictures slowly–two per day.  You have from today until Saturday, December 14th to send us pictures!  We appreciate it in advance and I’m sure that others will appreciate when we start posting them!  😉  Thanks!!!


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