I’ll hold on to the memory

I am reminded that one year ago today was the Durham, North Carolina show. Easily the best show of the four I saw last summer, and anytime I think about that night, I break into a small grin.  It was a good night, and not entirely because I spent 3/4 of the concert in front of Dom.  Yeah, yeah – no one wants to read my gushing about that. There was also the little matter of a great meet-up at a fantastic wine bar in Durham, just around the corner (practically) from the venue. It was well-attended, and I think it put everyone in just the right kind of mood. Those are the kind of gatherings that I think back on, and am glad I was there to take part.

I was just telling Amanda this past week that it seems very weird not to be planning a trip to see the band, or more likely – getting ready to leave to meet up with Amanda for a road trip.  August is typically a holiday month for the band unless they’re touring, and as such the band isn’t really working right now. I don’t know if they’re all on holiday or if they’re just taking a break – I don’t keep up with their individual schedules, but I do know it’s very quiet, and it’s that part of the summer where I’m beginning to say to myself, “Let’s just get on with it.” My kids have been going through registration for school, the August heat has finally started to come to Southern California where I live. I’m pretty much done with the summer doldrums. It would be nice…it WILL be nice…to get some news from the band again. I really have no business saying I’m bored, with school registration, preparing myself for homeschooling, kindergarten and dealing with my oldest being at a regular high school again along with convention planning and occasionally even working on our book proposal, you’d think I’d have enough on my plate. I really do, but that doesn’t stop me from daydreaming about planning another road trip or wondering what the new music will really sound like.

I’m looking forward to the days – should they come – where we get a teensy snippet of music from the studio, or watching a bit of news on YouTube from Nick on their progress…or maybe a blog from John. When you’re a fan, you live for those tiny moments in between albums because it breaks up the daily monotony. We’ve still got quite a wait ahead of us, so I look for the little moments to break up the silence. I can’t imagine that I’m alone. I see your tweets on Twitter!

When I indulge in a little daydreaming about a previous show – it is often the Durham show that comes to mind for me. So many great things about that trip and specifically that show for me to remember with fondness. It makes me hopeful for what comes ahead, whether it’s Durandemonium in October (I am so glad we have that coming – I’m starving for some Duranie-time!) or a possible tour next year. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, making new ones, and creating a whole set of new memories. That’s what is getting me through this last bit of summer before my life becomes crazy with reading, teaching, helping in classrooms and last minute convention planning. October will come very quickly once September 3rd hits and the first of my three children goes back to school – so while I complain about the silence and boredom, I’m treasuring the moments at the same time!


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