I’m a Hostage to That…

Yesterday, Rhonda and I took time out of our summer schedules (I use that word loosely!) to catch up via Skype.  Funny how when I think about what we caught up on, a lot of it was focused on Duran Duran.  Did you see pictures from Iceland?  What do you think about that Kennedy Space Center show? and lots more.  Pathetic?  Dedicated?  I suspect that question was determined a LONG time ago.  Of course, we also talked a little about Vegas and the Duran shows in September.  While we have tickets, it is time to start thinking about other specifics.  Watch this space for more discussion on those Vegas shows tomorrow!  Anyway, as we started thinking about the blog and writing, we pondered a couple of questions that we posed on social media.  What drew you to Duran Duran?  What led people to become Duran Duran fans?  

A lot of people responded (THANK YOU!) and some themes jumped out to me.  I also have some follow up questions!  (That is probably not shocking in the least!)


When asked the question about how/why people became fans, a lot of people talked how someone else got them hooked.  In some cases, it was a simple case of having a friend or relative be into the band and play a song or album or show a video that did the trick.  Rhonda’s sister even chimed in to say that her sister was to blame!  I appreciated the heck out of the person that commented about the peer pressure in middle school.  At the height of Duranieness, it was super hard to avoid seeing and/or hearing about the band.  They were everywhere and a LOT of people loved them.  I’m not surprised, then, that there was pressure to be into them as well.  I, for one, am thankful that I was too young to recognize all that popularity.  If not, I probably would have rejected them simply because of that.  What can I say—I like being different and hate following the crowd!


Obviously, a lot of fans chimed in to talk about how the music did it for them.  Lots of people mentioned falling for specific songs like Ordinary World, The Reflex, Girls on Film, Friends of Mine, Hungry Like the Wolf, Planet Earth, Is There Something I Should Know, Tel Aviv, Night Boat and Lonely In Your Nightmare.  I love that so many different songs were listed.  It wasn’t just one or two songs that drew people to the band.  Most of them were from the first three albums with the exception of Ordinary World.  A couple of people described what they liked about the music but I want to know more.  What about the music?  Is the instrumentation?  Lyrics?  Vocals?  What caused you to be emotionally connected to the music?  For example, I know that for me, the songs just got into my head.  They were catchy enough that they produced a ton of ear worms.  


After music, the next most common answer I saw was about the videos.  Again, this does not surprise me in the least!  After all, Duran videos are amazing.  Again, many fans talked about specific ones like Rio, Hungry Like the Wolf, Ordinary World, Is There Something I Should Know, Planet Earth, The Reflex and Union of the Snake.  Of course, many, many, many people commented about how…attractive the band members were, especially their favorites.  Yep, I totally can relate to that.  John Taylor in the Reflex, anyone?  Would those good looks have been enough?  Was there something more special about the videos that attracted you besides the good looking band members?  


Some fans talked about seeing the band on TV or magazines.  It is definitely true that the band was everywhere at the peak of their popularity.  In connection to this, people mentioned being attracted to the band’s style and even lifestyle.  Again, I can relate to this but I wonder what aspect of their style did it?  What did their lifestyle seem like?  Why would that be attractive?  

All in all, I feel like I could relate to so many of the responses.  I, too, fell for the band due to the music, videos and style.  I had friends who were into the band, too.  That said, I have some follow up questions to know more specifics!  I am hoping that people will continue to want to share.  I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t, right?  Who doesn’t love talking about why they adore Duran? On that note, look for more questions coming your way!


P.S. I want to give an update on the question of the day.  As I am sure that you know, our site struggled last weekend.  Now, it is working for everyone…except me.  It is the weirdest dang thing.  It works for me when I am not at home.  When I am at home, it doesn’t, no matter what device I use.  It has to be something about my wifi.  Anyone have any ideas?  I will keep playing with it.  Until I get it figured out, the questions will be on hold.  Boo.

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