I survived my birthday weekend in Vegas.  Thanks to all of you who sent birthday messages via here or Twitter, or my email…or even facebook.  🙂

That said, can you believe I didn’t hear the new clip of Being Followed until about 35 minutes ago?  I kept getting texted on Friday night by Amanda telling me how great it was – and of course I was envious because I knew it wouldn’t be until today that I’d get my chance to listen!

It would be unfair and irresponsible of me if I didn’t acknowledge that there are fans out there that aren’t happy with what they’ve heard so far.  I was honestly expecting far more positive reaction than I have seen thus far today, but then again – we Duranies are a cynical bunch, and we’re tough to impress these days.  I believe that the initial excitement from having heard the clip has died down, and now I’m seeing the tide turn from excitement to negativity, but certainly not everyone feels that way.  It’s music. Everyone has their own opinions, and they certainly have the right to not only decide what they like, but also the right to post their feelings.  In the end, it’s music.

When I first listened, I immediately thought of Sound of Thunder.  I think I was expecting to hear something like the songs off of Rio because that’s what keeps being brought up – but for me, I heard more first album.  I know a lot of people have commented on it sounding like Blondie.  I can hear what they mean, but for me – it’s all about the bass line.  (thankyouJohnTaylor)  I knew I missed the bass on RCM, but I didn’t realize how much until I heard this clip!!  What a relief to hear that his part wasn’t left in the studio this time!  I also heard a guitar – something I haven’t heard in quite a while.  The bass and drums play off of the guitar, which in turn is held together by Nick’s synths….the equation that at least for me, equals the sound that I fell in love with.  I can’t comment on the lyrics, because I only heard one portion and I want to hear the whole song and think about them – but the vocals are lovely as usual.  It is simply amazing that Simon’s voice has only gotten stronger over time.

With all that in mind, I have to say – the song did not blow my mind.  I’m not sure that it really should have.  I’ve never been one to hear a song and fall instantly in love.  I’m more the type that likes to be courted just a bit.  I like to listen, think about it, come back and listen again.  My goodness, it’s taken me decades to love Late Bar, Secret Oktober and To the Shore – but it’s a lasting love.

So, it’s been a few days.  Have you listened again?  What do you think?  Drop Daily Duranie a comment and let us know!  If you love it, tell us why.  If you hate it, say so – but tell us why.  Simply saying you hate it does no one any good – I want to know why.


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