I’m Exhausted Already!!!

It is day two of the Daily Duranie summer tour 2012 and I’m exhausted already! Yesterday, Rhonda and I flew to New Orleans and drove to Biloxi in preparation of tonight’s show. I didn’t get much sleep the night before last after being on the phone with Rhonda, changing plans slightly, and over thinking things as I attempted to get my precious zzzs. It didn’t help that I had a ridiculously early flight at 6 am. Luckily, my flights were on time and relatively smooth. Rhonda, likewise, was on time despite the fact that it stormed, stormed, stormed in New Orleans most of the afternoon. We were anxious to get there and get going! Unfortunately, everything was slow. It took awhile for her baggage to appear in baggage claim and it took over 40 minutes just to get the car we had rented! New Orleans traffic was also problematic as it seemed that everyone and their brothers were on the road along with an accident slowed us down! Once we got to Biloxi, it was a rush to get checked in, make ourselves look a little less like we had been traveling all day before heading over to the Hard Rock for our first of many meet ups.
The meet up was fun. There was a small group of us, but that made it good as we had a chance to really talk to everyone. Rhonda and I did our traditional shots and many drinks were consumed. After the dinner meet up, we did walk around a bit to scope out the scene and went to a club here. This was a very informative time as we learned that some of our information was wrong. The line for general admission is INSIDE! In fact, it starts where the box office right by the venue, which from what we saw last night and what we have heard is tiny. Obviously, Rhonda and I beyond relieved. We kept trying to prepare ourselves to tolerate the weather and outside conditions in order to get a good spot. Now, we don’t have to worry!!! Apparently, the line has, at times, gone outside but it definitely starts indoors. Now, we are ready for our long day in the GA line. The fun part is that we will get to talk to other fans. We like that. So, as I type this, it is 8 am, local time, and there is 11 of us in line. Not sure if this is a normal deal for Duran GA as this is the earliest I have ever been in line. According to one Hard Rock employee, 7 am is usually the earliest people line up. Rhonda and I are optimistically hopeful that everything runs smoothly for the rest of the day and the rest of the tour. You can be certain that we will report on how the show was and how we survived tomorrow. We might be typing on the road as we will be ending to Atlanta. Until then, wish us luck and that this is the best show ever!!! -A

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