In This Moment, Everything Is Born Again

The other day, the Duran universe acknowledged an anniversary.  An anniversary, in fact, that seems very fitting right now to what is happening with the two of us.  This, of course, was the 9th anniversary of the Astronaut album.  This feels very fitting to Rhonda and I because the last convention was right before Astronaut was released.  In fact, the convention literally took place a few weeks before.  Not sure how they could have gotten the timing better.  We aren’t as lucky this time as the release date for Duran Duran 14 is still unknown.  Nonetheless, seeing people posting about Astronaut brought me back to that time.

As you all know, this was the era of the reunion.  The energy and the excitement within the fan community was so high, so unbelievably high.  We couldn’t believe that our beloved band was back.  The Fab Five was back!  For many of us, who were fans back in the 80s, this was a dream come true.  I know that there were many of us who wanted to see them live when they were kids but couldn’t.  Maybe, the first time you saw the band was when it wasn’t John, Roger, Andy, Simon and Nick.  Maybe, the first concert saw just Nick, Simon and John or was John, Simon, Nick and Warren or even just Simon, Nick and Warren.  If that was you and you became a fan during the 1980s, then, probably, you were super excited to see the original band on stage.  It was a BIG deal for most of us!  Of course, the band seemed to sense this as all of the shows started with the band in the front of the stage with no lights on with a heartbeat that increased in speed.  Of course, the band was seen with all the cameras flashing.  It created such a level of intensity to start the shows.

The convention in 2004 just increased my excitement over the album.  I really couldn’t get enough of the band then.  I will never forget the day the album was released.  I didn’t have to work all day for some reason or had a teacher meeting or something.  Anyway, I had lunch with my friend, Sara, and my mom.  Before we went to lunch, though, we stopped at the nearby Best Buy to purchase my deluxe edition, the one that had both the cd and the dvd!  When we got to lunch, I couldn’t stop looking at it.  In fact, I had the cd insert sitting on the table with us while we ate!  Ridiculous but fun!  Then, of course, Duran seemed to be doing promotion everywhere and anywhere.  It seemed like a day wouldn’t go by without them on some sort of TV talk show, in some magazine, in a newspaper article, etc.  They were everywhere and I, for one, tried to collect it all!  Here’s a performance on Regis and Kelly from this very date in 2004:

The song, Sunrise, really did seem to capture the mood of the moment.  The music was between us and a new day entered our lives.  The lyrics weren’t that poetic or mysterious.  They weren’t deep but they sure felt meaningful and I wouldn’t have asked for anything else.  The rest of the album seemed to feature other fun pop songs like Nice and Astronaut and some ballads like Still Breathing.  Yet, despite any serious song, the album still had a sense of a carefree nature with Taste the Summer or the humor of Bedroom Toys.  Now, of course, we might look at those songs or that album differently than we did then.  I know that I wasn’t super objective about the quality of the songs, the lyrics, etc.  I was too dang excited to have the band back, my band back.  Of course, as we know, enthusiasm like that, at that level, couldn’t last forever.  It had to settle down and it did as we became used to the band being back and then we accepted the loss of Andy again in 2006.  Yet, I’m glad that we commemorate the release of the album to remind us about what it was like and what it felt like.

Those were good times, indeed.


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