Influencer Fans Matter

If there was ever a doubt as to how much bands need well-known faces to tout their music to their friends…all of that was put to rest today as I read this article from the International Business Times.

The good news? Social media matters. The bad news? The article focused on younger, fresher-faces than say….the ones found on here on Daily Duranie. Not that we’re old (gasp)…but when one of us has a daughter who is the same age as many of the “influencers” cited in the article…. what more can really be said in our (ok…my) defense?

The article explains that labels will go to extreme lengths to make sure that young influencers, such as those of well-known YouTube, Vine and Instagram “stars”, talk about the bands and artists labels wish to heavily promote, many times paying those people, or, at the very least, treating them to VIP-like experiences at concerts and festivals. To labels, it is a (legally…if only just barely) form of advertising, and interestingly enough, in a survey taken in 2015, 61% of marketers said that they would be either including or increasing their budgets for these influencer campaigns.

What does that mean for Duran Duran? Well, I’ll ignore the obvious – like a website featuring DAILY advertising for five and a half years now from a website and blog (along with several other forms of social media) that happens to be near and dear to my heart <wink, wink>.

Huh. Obviously, I have been looking at this all wrong….

Fans matter. It is something I’ve always said, and will continue to say. If the band wants other people to be influenced enough to buy their music – which does seem to be the issue at hand – they need to find people (or see and publicly acknowledge) the people standing right in front of them who influence their community to buy those CDs and purchase those concert tickets.

This is also the sticking point, because I think upon reading that last paragraph, the assumption must be that Duran Duran needs to find a couple of young fans to appeal to others. Wouldn’t that be lovely if it actually worked?

As with anything, this can’t just go one way. Duran Duran shouldn’t focus solely on young people. Some might even argue with me, and say they should focus on what they know – their fans that have been with them for decades – and I wouldn’t necessarily argue. However, I also know that youth is the lifeblood of the music industry. There’s really no getting around that fact. There’s also no getting around the reality of a band that is in their 50’s trying to appeal to a crowd that wasn’t even born when they had their first tastes of success (and in some cases, their second in the 90s). Work one end of that spectrum of age, and the band would most certainly lose the other, no matter the direction we’re talking.

Instead, we are looking at Duran Duran taking new directions: a ballet, a musical. Maybe another album. Maybe not. The one thing I do know for certain: Daily Duranie will continue as long as there is a band and projects to support. Some might say we’re the “older and much wiser” equivalent of what is described in that article, and I’m sure others of you would wholeheartedly disagree, saying that “anyone could do it”.  True. I wouldn’t argue otherwise, and I think that’s the point.


3 thoughts on “Influencer Fans Matter”

  1. “Work one end of that spectrum of age, and the band would most certainly lose the other, no matter the direction we’re talking.” — This made me wonder. Surely there are other bands of a certain “vintage” — [what is the hell is the right language here to avoid words like OLD] that have successfully captured both “demographics”?

    I thought about the Cure… who will be playing some of the same venues as Duran this spring/summer. And to be truthful, despite being terribly excited about scoring decent tickets, I had to ask “are they touring a new album?” I tried to find an official Cure twitter acct. No dice. So, from my experience, Duran is miles ahead of the social media game in that respect.

    If the Duran and the Cure can fill the Hollywood Bowl, (and the Cure will fill MSG for 2 nights) then is this other elusive, slippery “youth” market even needed? And then I wonder, if either band, decided to focus their efforts on say the loyal, existing fan base, would that necessarily exclude any new comers to the party?

    1. I should have added the words “without attention to the other” [end of the spectrum]…and then yes, I think that the band, or any band for that matter, would risk losing the other. Balance is not easy to achieve.

      I agree with a lot of the rest of your thoughts, I just don’t have answers! 🙂 -R

  2. the balance that they not always manage to achieve is “to look to the future keeping their roots to the ground, trying to always sound Duran”.I can hear Nick the Controller repeating it ab infinitum…
    And they are a band… of 4 boys …. who try to pursue their own interests: sailing, being a DJ, JT the visionary art man, Nick…
    Lastly their Management and record company, which have to pursue their interest, too.
    All support!

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