Insane? Driven? Selfish? All of the above?

I have a big, fat headache.  I’m not sure why.  I keep thinking that it will go away but it hasn’t so far and I think it might be getting worse.  Thus, I haven’t been very productive today.  Maybe the headache is a hangover from yesterday’s activities.  No, I didn’t drink too much.  It isn’t that kind of hangover.  Nope, this hangover is due to the stress from focusing on tickets.  Why?  Well, it isn’t surprising to find out that we want the best seats possible.  Frankly, we got spoiled during our UK shows, especially that final show in Glasgow where we were second row center.  It was an almost ideal spot.  Center is key since I’m kinda a fan of Mr. John Taylor and Rhonda kinda likes that Mr. Dom Brown guy.  Center makes us both happy. The only thing that would have made those seats better would have been to in front. 

The point of this blog post isn’t so much about those seats in Glasgow as it is about our insanity or drive or both to get the best seats possible.  Is it normal for us to want to have the best seats?  I like to think so.  Do other fans try for better seats?  Again, I have seen others attempt to improve their seats.  Here’s the thing.  Rhonda and I have both been to many shows.  We are well into double digits of shows.  Yet, we have yet to get front row seats.  We have gotten to see them play in their hometown but have never had front row.  We were close as I mentioned in Glasgow and we were close to the dreaded Voodoo Festival in 2006.  Interestingly enough, we see many, many, many friends of ours now only have front row but front row MANY times.  Obviously, we are happy for all of them.  We, too, want to experience this, though.  That isn’t asking too much, is it?  Of course, I’m probably opening ourselves up to much ridicule here as I can imagine our readers who never get a show thinking how lucky we are to be able to go to so many shows.  I get that.  I know that we are lucky.  We also sacrifice for our shows.  Make no mistake there–we go to shows instead of doing other things or buying other things.  We have made the shows a priority in our lives. 

I guess my point is that I don’t think our desire for front row or close to it is rare.  I think that most fans would understand and have probably had the same hope.  Based on our experiences compared to others, I wonder what the heck we are doing wrong or what are our friends doing right?  How come they have gotten front row and we still can’t?  I feel like I’m missing some information or that information has been kept from us.  One answer that I’m sure will be coming is the chance for front row goes up with general admission.  Okay.  That might be true.  There are many other reasons that I HATE GA but…I can buy that explanation.  Even so, I still don’t feel like I know the secret to that.  How early do you get in line for front row?  Do you have to have VIP early access for that?  Maybe, getting up front has to do with people you know.  I don’t know.  If that’s the case, clearly, we don’t know the right people. 

Rhonda and I are not going to give up on this dream.  We are driven to have the best tour we can have.  While we both realize that our spot at the show isn’t the only element leading to our enjoyment, we both know the benefits of having good seats.  So, I’m openly asking…what suggestions can you all give for us to get those front row seats?


30 thoughts on “Insane? Driven? Selfish? All of the above?”

  1. For Duran front row, don't you have to pay mega expensive pre-sale (if you're a member of or whatever it is) prices? My partner in Duranness and I were lucky in the UK in December, we managed to make it to the front 3 times, and not get thrown back by security, but our 'best' seats were actually 3rd row.

    Back in the early days – think 82 here – I slept out overnight to get front row, but you can't even do that now, not over here in the UK anyhow. Its all internet, and scalpers. No idea how they always seem to end up with the best seats, but they do. For every band/artist.

    Perhaps it pays to bribe agency staff – whoever they may be??

    GA shows? You have to do the queuing thing. All day. No wandering off for hours with your 'homies' – someone has to stay in line, its only fair. But that's a whole other subject!

  2. Aint read it! But I think I'll have a big fat headache in the morning! I've only got 2nd row tomorrow, but I'll be on a mission to get my usual spot, but who would've thought it took me 17 years to get front row! Xxx

  3. Not sure I know how to get them – the DPAC show is frustrating as I did pay the DDM price and got what we thought were front row – but now there are 2 rows ahead of us that were never sold online. They supposedly went to “in kind” people at radio stations/promoters, etc… and a few fans that somehow went to DPAC and got them… sigh… I have great seats, and also try not to complain, but I am pretty peeved that someone has those seats in front of us and is now selling them in stub hub for $500 each… grrrr….

  4. I had front row for each of my 3 shows last year. At a GA show, I paid An extra $80, I think, to be one of the last VIPers to queue (thanks to my accompanying sister's work schedule) and still managed on of the last spots at the rail. Months later, I did VIP for a seated show. Now that presale lets you choose your seats, I find I have the best luck when I buy single tickets. In this case, I got a seat in the front but WAY off to the side. My sister was in the 3rd row (non-VIP) and said she had a much better view from the center, just a few rows back from me. We used this trick to see Rick Springfield a few days ago; we even swapped seats part way through the show so we could each experience front row, though our 3rd row end seats weren't bad at all! The last DD show I went to in 2011 had a curved configuration with only a dozen front row seats, so 2nd row end was effectively front row. Again, this was a single ticket purchase.

    For the two upcoming Saratoga shows, I bought single tickets but managed to get 2 together for one show and swap seats with another friend for the other show.

  5. Something is terribly wrong when the front row seats go to non-fans that sell them. I agree, the best luck is general admission. I was very close to front row at House of Blues. Gave it up because I am so tall (5'11″). I felt bad for the vertically challenged people.

  6. Whatever the secret is Amanda – you and I don't have it.

    That's OK though, I'm sure that no matter the end result, we will still have a great time! 🙂


    ps – $500 for Duran Duran front row? That's the priciest I've seen them in a long time…and yes, I've checked. 😀

  7. I've been front row to most of my shows. When they come in August I have front row to 5/6 of them. I don't 'know people' who get me my tix. In the past I've bargained with scalpers for great deals, VIP through DDM, had people DM'ing me and asking if I want them when I've asked for them, and I've gotten lucky more than once through the the online ticket seller (TM/ LiveNation… no formula- I just checked at the right time). For GA, I will do DDM early entry, I'd never stoop so low to ask venue or DD employees to allow me in early. If it's not available I just line up early.

  8. Got front row for Cardiff by being online the second tix were released to fan club and sheer dumb luck. We got up at 1 am here in Canada to ensure it. I don't know any other way but to be on time and try.

  9. Oops, anon part 2- the most I've paid thru a reseller is $250 but that's for front row. I made a friend of one in CT through some negotiating sessions! He couldn't hook me up in time for me to decide to go to Foxwoods, so he put them on stubhub and sold them for $500/ ea! I can usually negotiate if I can contact them. I did once pay $400 for VIP early entry with DDM in 08- painful. Felt so guilty. Never again, that feels overboard for me. It was an awesome show (Biloxi) but ouch, said my bank acct.

  10. Lol part 3! In the past I have skipped if others are skipping as well- my 1st show was row 2 but no seats in front. Last year I could only find row 2 for one and the security guy let me stay in front in the aislé, but they were strict at that venue. I prefer to just have front in hand because I'm not trying to piss off any1 or risk embarrassment of security sending on my way… In response to a tall person who posted: I never feel sorry for those shorter than I. I just figure that if they wanted a closer spot they should have felt inclined to arrive earlier. No pain, no gain. 🙂 TBSS.

  11. You must be incredibly lucky and friendly with a lot of different people…that's all I can say. I would imagine that for most of us, if we asked around on DDM most people would simply laugh. *shrugs* More power to ya for getting them, I guess. -R

  12. I think skipping up generally speaking isn't very cool to the folks who paid for the seats – but for whatever reason many people just think they're “entitled” to move up.

    Sounds to me as though the bottom line is that that when it comes to shows and seating – it's dog-eat-dog out there. Not especially comforting. -R

  13. You were incredibly kind to do that – and I have a lot of respect for someone who thinks about other people. I just don't think there's a point to being an ass. I'd rather be known as someone who actually cares about other people than someone who is in it all for themselves. That's probably why I haven't gotten a front row ticket yet, but you know – if that's what it takes and I never have the dumb luck that others have – I'm happy with being in the back. I just don't have it in my nature to be devious and I'm not that good with networking, and I won't befriend people just to get me somewhere. I'll bet I still have as good of a time being in 6th row as I would in first because I simply insist on it! 🙂 -R

  14. You are right about staying in line – and I always do if we can line up early. My problem with GA has been being able to get to the venue early to line up, and that's on me. I'm not expecting front row (clearly!) if I can't get to the venue but an hour before showtime, you know? 😀 I'm always amazed at the people (see farther below in comments) who get front row to nearly every show, but as I sit here thinking about it, as much as I'd like to be in the front and I'm willing to pay for it – if it doesn't ever happen, I'm pretty sure I'll still live a ridiculously full life. It's not THAT important to me. I just want to have fun, and I can still do that where ever I end up sitting/standing/dancing. -R

  15. We have been willing to pay for those VIP tickets with no luck. Typically, we end up with 3rd or 4th row that way.

    As far as GA goes, we understand about staying in line all day. The question is how early to get in line…


  16. I can echo the single seat suggestion, but agree with you it's not as much fun as being there with friends!

    When Duran performed in Boston in October, I ended up with Row Q (I think). These were presale tickets, but presale tickets for members of the venue, not fan club presale. Then, the week before the show, I found out a good friend of mine from HS was going to the show and I asked where he was sitting. Front row seat, Dom's side of the stage.

    I asked him how in the world he got a front row ticket and he told me he bought through Ticketmaster. But he also told me because he goes to a lot of shows solo, he ends up getting better seats that way because they are single seats. My friend is a huge lover of 80s music in general, but not specifically of Duran Duran. He's certainly not a diehard Duran fan, although he does enjoy their music a lot.

    As I told my husband, if there were any justice in this world, I, who loved them since I was a teenager and had my room wallpapered with their picture back then would have ended up with that front row seat! In fact, before the show we were having drinks together at the venue, and my husband said to my friend (while I was in the bathroom, so I wasn't there for the conversation) “you know, my wife has loved them for almost 30 years, why don't you swap seats with her and let her sit in front and you sit with me”? And my friend was like, “no, sorry, I can't do that man”. I said my husband afterwards that I could have told him ahead of time that my friend would never switch his seat, I wasn't surprised at his response. I can't really rag on him too much though, because he brought a camera with him and was nice enough to share all his pictures with me…he got some really great shots.

    Foxwoods (where they will be on the 24th) usually has some kind of thing pre-show on their video screens where if you send text to a certain number and they pick you, you get a seat upgrade, but I am not expecting to win that. I have pretty much resigned myself that unless hell freezes over, I will never been in the front row. I try to keep my expectations reasonable, but as long as I have a halfway decent seat, I'm happy (anything beats the old days when you sat in the last row of the balcony)!


  17. Funny. Amanda and I were talking about this today: whether we would give our front row spot to someone if we'd already had one prior.

    I suspect not many people would. Whether I would or not remains to be unseen, but I'd like to believe that in the right situation, I would find the humanity in me to do so and be happy about it. -R

  18. I think I would have had a lot easier time with the fact that he was in the front row and I wasn't if I knew he was a diehard Duran fan versus being an 80s music lover in general (though I suppose that's better than someone that doesn't know who they are or their music at all)! He also met them after a show back in the early 90s because he had someone with a connection to the radio industry (don't get me started here)!

    The closest I ever came to them was nearly getting trampled at a record signing when Big Thing came out! And to add insult to injury, I never made it to the front of the line, so I didn't even get an autograph for my troubles, even though we waited outside in the pouring rain! I actually found the pictures from that day recently and when my husband saw them, he was like, “wait a minute, isn't that Nick Rhodes”? When I told him the story, he looked at me and said, “you were THAT close and didn't get to meet them”? Then he kind of tsk-tsked at me and said “Oh so close, but yet so far!” and started laughing. Believe me, I didn't find it as funny as he did!


  19. Lol, a lot? Noooo,, you assume wrong- I've gotten them 3x just by asking- and yes other people do laugh, but the difference is, I risk the laughs and get the tix, others assume that it's stupid to ask and never get them. To break it down- once from a lurker and 2x from friendly acquaintances who decided not to go. 3x from the ticket website, that's just persistence- checking ad nauseum. The occasions add up… My basic gist is that I've gotten them in various ways with but with fair amounts of persistence, no secrets, per se.

  20. I hope you didn't take my comment as being rude – it's hard to get my humor on here at times and I didn't mean to sound so sassy.

    Persistence pays, that alone is a secret to many. Most of us get our seats and stick with what we've got. A few do the whole trading up thing (which we've actually done with some success), and still others know someone. I really never thought to straight up ask around though – I just assume people who have those great seats aren't going to part with them.

    I've seen people totally called out on DDM for asking – not in recent years (I'm not even a member these days, it's my partner Amanda who still holds the membership card), but back a couple years ago I've seen the snide comments. I have a pretty stiff upper lip, but I also try to avoid being the source of dramatic outbursts, too. Good on you for doing what you need to do to get what you want! -R

  21. I was at a DD show on july 23rd (Carcassonne France). Bought my tickets 2 months before the show, paid less than 55 dollars (not even GA), got front row on John's side (he was standing at less than a meter from me)and it was perfect. The thing is in France DD is not very popular, so there's no real competition for tickets, places etc…while in the US or the UK people would kill and ruin themselves to get the best places.

    A good plan would be to travel to Europe, outside the UK to enjoy a DD show.

    PS: excuse my bad english, it's not my mother tongue.

  22. Your English is fantastic and thanks for answering!! (better than some who claim it as their native language actually!)

    Maybe that's the real plan – go visit the rest of the world while going to shows. I like that idea!! 🙂 Thanks for the tip! -R

  23. Almost got front row in April 2011 if it wasn't for the guy who was in front of me in a WHEELCHAIR(with his gf)!!!That show was GA in Montreal,Canada, & I arrived at 11am to start queuing!At least I had a great view of Dom & Nick,but still,being right in front with the VIPs would've been AMAZING!At that show the Vips & wheelchairs were let in first!(like everywhere else I assume)
    Never got front row,got 2nd row in 1993 in front of JT.That's the closest I got.Will try my best next time

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