Introducing Game Day!

Good morning, everyone.  It’s still morning for me, anyway…

We’re bored.  Things happen when Amanda and I get bored.  We were left to our own devices too long, and so we’ve decided to end the monotony with some fun things.  To begin with, each Thursday along with my fascinating little blog for the day, I’m going to give you a game to play in your “spare time”.  These games could be a word search, a crossword puzzle…or something completely different.  I might even learn how to create a dot to dot of album covers or posters for you all!  (don’t hold your breath on that one…)

For today, as a bit of a trial – I came up with a word search.  My question then becomes whether or not to give you the word LIST (which makes it ridiculously easy), or to keep it and make the quest a little tougher.  I’m on the fence.  I think that for today I’m going to let you all figure out the list on your own (I’ll post it later under the comments section).  Other days, depending upon the theme, the game, and my mood I’ll have to give you more information!

The theme for this word search (this is important) is Song Mania….and there are 26 song titles in this puzzle.  The words can be placed horizontally, vertically, backwards and forwards, and some titles share letters.  Also, if a song title is more than one word, those words are placed together.  So for example the title “All You Need is Now” (not in this puzzle, by the way) would be found as ALLYOUNEEDISNOW.

The first person to complete the puzzle below and send me the list (send it via, please) of all 26 song titles gets absolutely nothing but my congratulations and bragging rights.  (listen, we’re a low budget operation here!)  Good luck!!!


4 thoughts on “Introducing Game Day!”

  1. Hi Rhonda.

    Looks like fun! Can you confirm the puzzle is correct on the screen though? It looks like the columns don't all line up. I wonder if your computer has resized it, which will throw everything off… (I'm guessing each row is supposed to have 25 letters in it, but on my screen I see each row as being 29 letters, with a blank space to make 30.) When I go to print the puzzle, to make it easier to do at my desk, it is constantly resizing and realigning the columns for me, and I can't get it to print the same way it shows on the screen. I'm getting the same resizing/realigning error. Jamie

  2. Interesting. It publishes it differently than it edits in blogger. *sigh* of course it does….

    Let me play with it, and thanks for letting me know because I wouldn't have noticed it otherwise! -R

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