Waiting for a look, the invitation: 2017 Concert Dates

So, it’s mid-October. For those who celebrate, it’s the downward slide to Halloween.  We’re headed into the final quarter of 2016…and aside from Lollapalooza in South America, there is nary a 2017 concert date in sight for Duran Duran.

Sure, I’d love more (wouldn’t we all?), but the rest of the world hasn’t really gotten a turn.  Which is why I was wondering when they’re going to announce the dates for next year.  So I looked at the calendar.  We tend to (usually) get at least six weeks lead time for US shows (and often longer), and to be fair I’ve never really noticed if the same holds true elsewhere. Assuming it does, dates probably won’t be announced until Mid-December if they’re not looking to begin a tour until February or March. I guess it is a case where it feels like something should be happening because nothing is. It is very quiet in Duranland for the most part, isn’t it?

Then there is that date in Cancun. So appealing, yet so ridiculously priced beyond my budget… In order to stay at the hotel, it’s $600 a night with a 5 night minimum.  My math isn’t great, but we’re talking $3000 for the hotel, and I don’t think that is including tax of any kind, although it IS all-inclusive.  Food and (most) beverages would be included in that price. And rest assured, the resort is gorgeous. Sure, you could share your room and call it a vacation. But Duran Duran is only playing one night…and there’s that question of the other possible “end of year date mentioned for the east coast”…

….which has yet to be announced beyond a mere, vague mention.   Many Duranies are betting it will be a New Years Eve gig in New York City. It’s plausible, given that they will be in Cancun that week as well. Again, if they announce with a 6-week window, we might not hear about it until mid-November. I know DDHQ had said maybe the date would be announced in October, and I would love for that to happen. Having time to plan is so helpful, but on the other hand, things aren’t always set up primarily to benefit fans. Business is business, and things happen. Here’s hoping the gig is priced right so that many can attend!

In other news, Anna Ross is wasting NONE of this downtime as she works to get her first solo album completed.  I love that Anna takes the time to update us on how it’s going, and I feel like I’ve been able to catch glimpses throughout the process.  I’ve listened to the little tasters she’s shared along the way, and I can’t wait to hear the finished product!




4 thoughts on “Waiting for a look, the invitation: 2017 Concert Dates”

  1. I have a feeling that if it is indeed a NYC New Years Eve show, the price range will be beyond my budget which right now is pretty low. As it is, I took money from my important auto fund for a few of their shows this tour. As much as I would love to see them one more time, I really need to try to be a good girl and not do that again.

    1. You sound like me, Lara. I have seen the band many times now, and while I’d always love to see them again – I just can’t. Times have changed and my money has to go towards other things now. It’s sad. 🙁 -R

  2. Hi Ladies!

    I would first like to say – I think we were separated at birth … or we knew each other in a passed life … LOL!
    You put into words 1/2 the things I am thinking. I find myself saying “so true” or “YES!” to a lot of your blogs! So thank you for this! And keep them coming.

    The thing that got me about this blog is that after this tour I automatically assumed that DD would take some sort of sabbatical for 2017 and then back to the studio and then tour again after that. Knowing how long it took to put PaperGods out I figured nothing till at least 2019 … so the possibility of seeing them in 2017 really excited me! I actually started planning!
    ~~ but then there is reality … I need a new car, I need to find an apartment and being able to buy things like food would be nice too (LOL).
    But this is SLB and JT and Nick(hopefully) and of course Hot Roger!!
    I have been bitten by the DD bug all over again!

    Reality really does suck sometimes, it is true. But reality is also sometimes very exciting ~~ I am looking forward to seeing them again – I will make it happen, some how – some way & I cannot wait!!
    Who’s in?!!


    1. Hi Lesley! So glad that you enjoy our blogs and can relate to a lot of what we say! As for who is in, for me, it will depend on the details of when, where, etc. We shall see!! -A

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