Is It March Yet???

I slept in this morning as I often do on Saturday mornings, hoping to recover from a very long week.  As I grabbed some breakfast, I glanced at my super long to do list that includes some cleaning, paying bills, grading some paragraphs, and more.  Instead of getting started right away, I opted to ignore the list.  I decided to go online to look for a plane ticket.  Where might I be going?  Simple!  I have a couple of Duran shows to go to next month!

That’s right.  Rhonda and I will be attending the two shows at the Agua Caliente casino and resort in California, during the weekend of March 17th.  I, for one, am very much looking forward to these shows for two reasons.  First, we have seen Duran perform there before in October 2015.  I loved the venue.  It is small, has good sound, and no barricade up front.  I cannot imagine that there is a bad seat in the house frankly!  Second, these shows will take exactly 12 years after the first shows Rhonda and I saw together.

That’s right.  Rhonda and I went to our very first show together in March of 2005.  We went to Chicago to see them play at that the All-State Arena, north of the city.  It amuses me that we will get to see another show on the very same day.  I think back to that show in 2005.  My childhood fandom had been reawakened and I could not get enough.  I remember the day before the show.  My colleagues practically pushed me out the door since they were so sick of me talking about nothing but Duran.  Since that show, I don’t talk about Duran as much at work.  My love has not diminished.  It is more that my fandom  has become just intertwined with everything else that makes up me.  I cannot separate my Duranieness the way I could in 2005.  Now, being a Duranie is part of who I am in such an essential way.

All of that said, it isn’t like my colleagues don’t know about my love for Duran.  Just this week, I participated in a trivia night fundraiser with a couple of colleagues.  When Duran Duran’s Save a Prayer was played in the music category, they were impressed (or frightened) that I could name the song in literally 2 seconds.  Then, my colleagues went on to explain to others at our table about my “dedication” to Duran, including this blog and going to as many shows as I can.  I think the others at the table were a little surprised as I saw a lot of blinking and silence filled the space.  That reaction isn’t new.  I didn’t take that as negative, more like they didn’t know how to respond.  I suspect, though, they were happy with my answer since it helped for our team to win.

Speaking of wins, I got another win when I asked my principal if I could take a couple of days to go to these shows mentioned earlier.  His response, “Sure.”  Nice.  It is nice to be able to move forward with plans.  More than that, having something fun to look forward to is keeping me going.  Now that we have our tickets, our hotel room reserved and I have my plane ticket, I’m ready for the countdown to begin.

What about the rest of you?  Do you have a countdown going for a Duran show or for something else?


7 thoughts on “Is It March Yet???”

  1. Counting down to the same shows! My sis (Duranie partner in crime) texted me a confetti filled photo of the two of us from the Vegas show last summer yesterday with the caption “40 days”. Once I finished screaming on the inside, I remembered that I had still not asked for time off! Thankfully, my boss is well aware of our fandom and is even a bit jealous that as sisters, we share our love for the band and traveling to see them as often as possible. See you two in Rancho Mirage!

    1. Look forward to seeing you there! I’m sure that Rhonda and I will plan some sort of meet-up before the show(s), if we can! 🙂 -A

  2. I wish I could be anticipating the Houston show! My kids want to see them and since I didn’t take them to see them in San Antonio, I was thrilled at the chance to take them to Houston. Well, once I attempted to get tickets, I quickly came to the realization that buying three tickets is a LOT pricier than buying one. I just cannot justify paying over $200 dollars for nosebleed seats, plus a 4 hour drive both ways, hotel, missing school and work. I am sooooo devestated! Maybe one day I will be able to take them to see Duran.

  3. Yes, friend Paula and I are counting down the days until the California shows. Also counting down until the Rolling Stones tribute Band show in Covina Performing Arts Center the week after. And U2 at the Rose Bowl on May 20th. And Queen with Adam Lambert at the Hollywood Bowl on June 26th.

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