Is it safe to hope??

I feel like I should probably read Barack Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope, just for some additional help and spirit today!  

I’m sure everyone has seen the recent news, that Simon has been singing quite a bit, just not trying for the high notes.  I am sure that I wasn’t alone when I exhaled every last bit of air out from my body as I read that sentence.   It wasn’t quite a cleansing breath as much as it was a cleansing exhale, I guess.  It felt like I was ridding myself of the dust, cobwebs, fears, and bad vibes that have apparently been sticking with me since May.  Maybe I’ve been afraid to take a deep breath since then, I’m really not sure.  I do feel as though I’ve been living on pins and needles for a long time now though.  Even before we ever really left for England, life was pretty stressful, as it always is.  In hindsight I can see that the trip never really felt solid, for some reason.  Getting our presale tickets proved to be more trouble than normal, Amanda’s leave from work was ridiculously difficult to get approval for…the only thing that went reasonably easy was getting the “OK” from my husband, which oddly enough – is usually the one thing that is most difficult!  That moment of exhale felt especially cleansing, and oddly hopeful.

Is it fair to be hopeful at this point?  Simon is singing again.  That alone is cause for guarded optimism at the very least, isn’t it?  I’ve seen comments that we shouldn’t cheer until he’s singing ALL the notes, and while I wouldn’t dare argue, I think that singing alone is a good step in the right direction – never mind what notes he can or can not hit.  Keeping in mind that a good portion of the bands catalog is written in the upper heights of Simon’s range, it’s very encouraging to read that he’s singing. Who knew we’d ever spend so many blogs discussing Simon’s vocal chords!!   I just feel like we all could use a little hope now and then.  Sure, he may have quite a road ahead of him, and sure, it could be many more months before we hear of the band doing full shows again.  The news could always be worse, thankfully today, it’s not.

I know that today, it’s way cooler to be a cynical, unhappy Duranie than it is to be the ever hopeful and positive fan.  It’s cooler to say their albums are OK but that they’ll never reach the top again – and they’re lucky to have fans at all – than it is to say that the albums are fantastic and that you really hope to see them in the top 10 again.  I’ve never said I was cool, and you know – I enjoy myself a whole lot better when I’m feeling positive and uplifted rather than being the one to rain on everyone’s parade.  So I’m off to jump over rainbows and sprinkle flower petals as I clean my house!  -R

2 thoughts on “Is it safe to hope??”

  1. From Simon's twitter today:

    SimonJCLeBONSimon Le Bon
    “Neg. my neck feels like a London bus has been parked on it all day: pos. I sang all my high notes in rehearsal today. Painkillers… anyone?”
    10 minutes ago

  2. Oh wow. WOW. On one hand, I am SO thrilled for Simon. I really am. On the other hand, I am SO scared for him. Forget all of MY shows and all of OUR shows (as fans)….this is his voice and his throat. I really hope that his sore neck doesn't have anything to do with his voice, because that would really suck and I'm hoping he didn't do more damage than good.

    This is yet another reason why I really should make more time for Twitter. Now if someone would just explain that to my 3 kids….*sigh* Thanks for sharing that with us, Duraffinity!!! -R

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