Isn’t It Time for a Grammy?!?


I could pretty much just leave the blog right like this today and be dead on with the message…and the first (and largest) quote from Rolling Stone says it all.

If there were ever an album that truly DESERVED a Grammy this year, it’s Paper Gods. I write that with reasoning in two-fold.

For one, this is NOT a debut, upstart band. This is a band that has been working for the past thirty-seven years, and this album isn’t a throwback to everything else they’ve ever done. Not by a long shot.  Duran Duran has done what very few other bands have ever been able to do, and that is breathing new life into their career as they finish out their fourth decade in music. That alone should earn them a Grammy nod.

On the other hand, the “fandom” hand that I hold near to my heart that is full of emotion – isn’t it time this band receives some acknowledgment for their music?!? Yeah, they’ve gotten themselves a few “Lifetime achievement” awards for style or videos, and hey those are fantastic. WHAT ABOUT THE MUSIC?!? I know what Duran Duran would say here. They would graciously say that they don’t need that kind of validation, and every single time they see one of us – the fans – scream for them, or comment on how much this band has meant to us over the years, it validates them. Good. I’m glad that the band feels that way, and before I say what needs to be said on behalf of the fans out there – I want them to know that I appreciate that they TELL us how much we mean to them. The little things matter. And we fans do love them. Fans do not stick around for decades supporting a band they don’t like much, and they sure as hell don’t write blogs, plan conventions, and/or travel specifically to see them, either.

The fans say it’s OUR turn. WE want that validation for them. I know I’m not alone when I say that I want to see Duran Duran up on that damn stage, earning their Grammy for the talent, expertise, innovation and devotion they’ve given their music over the years. Paper Gods proves all of that.

I hope the band “hears” me when I type this: the awards matter to US – the fans – because it’s gone on too long now. I speak for all fans when I say that we’re sick and tired of this band being kicked under the table purely because they happened to be the band that young girls fell in love with once. Being female does not equate to not knowing anything about music, and just because at one point I (or any female fan for that matter) happened to be a teenage girl, shouldn’t mean that Duran Duran will forever pay the price. Sometimes I want to ask these people – whomever is really voting for this shit or comments in the negative about DD’s fan base – why it is that they think Duran fans are so intense, or so “rabid?”

I can answer that: it’s because we’ve spent the better part of our lives defending them. We’re supremely loyal because we’ve had to be – and it’s not just about defending their good graces – it’s been about defending our own.

I cannot tell any of you how many times I had kids laugh back in school when I’d triumphantly name Duran Duran as my favorite band. I’m sure most of you have similar tales to tell. I think to a certain degree it hardened me, because I’d glare in reply with a steely gaze, and then flatten them with some basic facts about the band and what they’d accomplished. Sadly, not much has changed over the years. To this day I have neighbors who look at me comically when they ask what I do – and yeah, it can sometimes be tough to choke down the whole “You write a fan blog??” comments. I hate it, actually. So yes, I want to see this band win. You can bet, should that day come – I will feel as victorious as I might if I was bringing home the award myself.  I have no doubt that every other fan out there feels similar.

Duran Duran deserves their moment. I know damn right well that they’re better than M.A.N.Y. of the other bands and performers out there that pick up Grammy’s every single year like it’s no big deal. They thank their managers and producers, most of the time forgetting about the fans that bought their album to begin with, and try to manage not looking like complete assholes (some of the time) as they grab their umpteenth trophy and walk off stage. Once again: IT. IS. TIME.

It’s time to recognize that Duran Duran has outlived much of the unfounded criticism that has relentlessly followed them throughout their career, much in part due to people like me. Fan Girls. Don’t get me wrong, I roll my eyes in complete disgust at that comment, particularly because it’s made by people who know precious little about music, much of the time. Huge, sweeping generalizations were made by critics out there because you know – if young girls happened to like the band, obviously that must have meant they weren’t very good.

Funny thing – those fan girls every music journalist and critic out there has laughed at? We’re still here, and many of those critics are LONG gone.  (A special thank you to Simon for mentioning that during a recent interview with Lyndsey Parker for Yahoo Music!)

Vote early, vote often!!  Paper Gods deserves your consideration.  (and  if you’re a fan who hasn’t bought the album yet – GO GET IT!)


7 thoughts on “Isn’t It Time for a Grammy?!?”

  1. Here here!

    I especially appreciate the comment about the band not being “punished” for having a young and female fan base (in the beginning). Its demeaning and sexist… yeah, you know that. But yes, a Grammy would acknowledge us in some way too. Or at least it would to me!

    The one band I feel I need to compare, is U2… only because they have been around as long. While U2 gained their massive following in the 90s and attracted an audience diverse in age. Both (Compared to Duran who saw their massive popularity early in their career). Both bands have worked not to recreate the same album ad hominum. U2 has won a total of 22 Grammys. Yes, they are very different musically — but how many 80s bands are there who have had a career that spans that long?

  2. great blog they deserve everything they get working hard all these years I was and always will be a proud duranie fan girl

  3. THANK YOU!! That is exactly how I feel. for 3 decades, I have had to defend myself for loving them or defend them against idiots who dismiss them without even listening to the music they are putting out. The very fact they are constantly referred to as an “80s band”, as opposed to just a BAND, belittles their long careers. It reduces them to some sort of nostalgia act or something.

    Oh, and the media’s treatment of US as fans? It is worse than just making an issue out of us being teens when they were @ their early peak. I have seen concert reviews that slammed us for being too old to be dressing and acting the way we do simply because we are still enthusiastic and like to have a great time. I have seen those so-called journalists insult our appearances, rather than talking about the band’s performance, which as most of us know is often amazing in a live show. I honestly think some of these reporters are still jealous the guys are handsome and that women (probably including their wives) still desire them. The problem is that has fuck all to do with their MUSIC! They compare them to a boy band. That is so completely unfair. They are legitimate in that they write their own songs and play them live and nobody ever put them together or told them who to play with. THEY decide on those things.

    As for awards, it IS time, dammit! Been too long since they were given that recognition.

  4. Spot on. A Grammy is well overdue and so well deserved. Paper Gods is that deserving album. It captures the essence of Duran Duran in a fresh 2015 relevant way. It is diverse and jam packed with some of the catchiest choruses and harmonies I have heard in a long time. I agree, it’s time the “music” receives acknowledgment. I have always said that if there is one band that truly love their craft and deserve an award for sheer perseverance, fearless innovation and talent it has to be this band. I admire how they continue to ooze with confidence. A confidence and conviction that has grown stronger over the decades in spite of some of the critics’ negative remarks. In Face For Today we hear the lyrics “don’t be scared of what they say” Duran’s Duran’s advise to young upstart bands. I agree Rhonda, every now and then critics do get it right. The Rolling Stone review sums it all up “If Paper Gods were a debut from some upstart band, the buzz would be insane”.

  5. Let me for one time leave behind my tears for Andy’s absence, my tears for the way Dom was mistreated again, my 100 % disagreement on many steps the guys are taking to promote this album: let me scream to the world “I purchased this album, it was worth any Eurocent I spent on it, because It is fantastic! Paper Gods is awesome and it deserves the Grammy Award!”
    Ok, back in 1984, the Grammy Awards had their proper meaning, that is the one acknowledgement given by the music industry: in 2015 where is the music industry gone?
    OK, back in 1984 the honors given to the band were to two innovative, futuristic pieces, like the Girls on Film clip and the Arena album. Personally I can’t find Paper Gods sounding so much innovative as the 1984 items were, but I also saw recently Grammy Awards given to purely fantastic albums (Santana’s Supernatural, Madonna’s Ray of Light).
    Music industry has changed: people’s perception on music did too.
    My love for the band, afterall didn’t.
    A Grammy Award is highly deserved.

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