It goes on and on and on…

I have John Taylor to thank for today’s topic.  He knew exactly what he was starting yesterday when he tweeted the following:

“It has been pointed out that Dom Brown has now been playing with Duran longer than Andy T. #justsaying”

I have two words for Mr. John Taylor today:  POT STIRRER.

I winced as I read the tweet, because of course I knew this would begin the latest in a series of continuing debate threads on the very subject. I also knew that from this we would drift into the whirlpool of contemptuous comments about Andy, Warren and of course Dom. It’s 2012 now. Dom has been playing with the band since 2005 and steadily without fail since 2006.  That’s six years and counting. Warren hasn’t played with the band since what, 2001? It would seem as though this discussion would have an ending at this point, but of course – this is Duran Duran. Things don’t merely “end”, they just get swept into a pile and hidden under the carpet until the next cleansing.  

Surprisingly, most of the comments about this tweet have been fairly positive in nature.  Aside from some pointing out the “error” in math (yes, yes we ALL know that Andy played in the band twice, and that if you add up those years in total it comes to more than the six that Dom has currently played.), and for others to point out that the fab five will never be anything other than the LeBon, Rhodes, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor lineup, a lot of fans who cared to comment seem to have become rather fond of Mr. Brown.  

I’m not here to comment on the worthiness of Dom as Duran Duran’s guitar player. He really doesn’t need my help to convince anybody at this point. Go to a show. Watch him interact with the band. Watch him interact with the crowd. Not only does he play his part well, he acts as though he’s part of the band without acting as though he owns the band, or that the band somehow owes him for being there. I’m also not going to level Andy’s playing to just simply being “the past”, because quite honestly if it weren’t for Andy Taylor, Duran Duran would have never existed in the way, shape, or form that you and I know and love. The same can and should be said for Warren.  

Respect is a good topic for the day. Respecting the past. Respecting the present.  Respecting the future. It’s pretty sad that the discussion comes down to whether their guitar player has enough “star power” to cut the mustard, or whether or not that since he hasn’t been around since the beginning he doesn’t count. To that I must ask: what about Ordinary World?  What about Come Undone? Hell…what about Notorious?? Those songs, and plenty more, were recorded well after Andy’s exit. It is easily as unfair to discount Warren’s tenure with the band as it is to discount Andy’s.  

What fans continue to forget and ignore is that it has taken the entire journey to get to the point where we’re all standing. Sure, it’s about the “now”, but it’s also about the past, and it’s even about the future – because next year when we look back – we’ll be seeing today and all of the days between now and next year in our rearview mirror.  


16 thoughts on “It goes on and on and on…”

  1. Intrigued as to why John tweeted that. I think Dom is brilliant and far better than Warren in terms of fitting in with the band. I love the direction the band are going in now, which is better than the direction Warren took them. #justsaying!

  2. Very good points. I know I responded to JTs tweet about this. Can't recall what I said in a migraine pain,medication praying to kick in state. But yes, contributions are contributions and that word isn't even the right one to describe it totally. Oh, now I remember, u can't compare each because all three have been so important in duranevolution.
    Thanks for the blog. Always makes my day but doesn't prevent or take away my migraines tho.

  3. On an unrelated note, is there a way to find the clip to JT being on politically incorrect? It may be on twitter, but I always come here first 🙂

  4. Not sure I see the point in JT tweeting it either – just wants to get the fans riled up again about something. Bottom line is that we all have no idea what has really transpired about Dom's “membership” in the band. Maybe they offered it and he said no? Maybe he doesn't want it? Maybe they are all fine with their current arrangement? For me, who cares????!!!! I want to see them make great music and share it with us. Call it good already!!!

  5. I think John just say that for fun. Lots of times the guys just have fun, we don't need to think too much about the real meaning. Of course Andy did lay more years with the band and Warren even more. We all have our fav on those 3 guitar players. I love Warren he is by far the one with more technique and talent. Hey don't get it bad mmmmm even Simon said it in a show about the band 2 or 3 years ago. But Andy did the most hits with the band. And Dom? Well I still believe the band don't give him enough space. There is a big lack of guitar on the last album. But just listening to Mediterranea prove that the kid can do beautiful things. As being a member of the band? Well I think the band is just a bit worried about the too many formations they had yet. Having another one can just look ridiculous… It's like having 3 members with the name Taylor 😉


  6. Andy is Belgian chocolate, Warren dark chocolate, Dom is milk chocolate. Andy appeals to the cultured, Warren for the hard-core, and Dom, everyone, because he is completely unoffensive. The truth is, I can always appreciate Swiss chocolate, 70% cocoa scares me, and the Easter Bunny delivers milk chocolate to children. This does not mean I am above milk; it is sweet and it has its place. That's the way I think of them all. I've also had some beers. 🙂

  7. The only thing I'll say here is that I don't think John said that just to say it. I think he tweeted that to get the fans going, and as always – it worked. 😀 -R

  8. John baiting the fans like this seems beneath what the band says they are about but maybe as long as the money keeps coming in, it's all good. I'm disappointed.


  9. I don't understand. Yes, John, obviously, was stirring the pot with this or baiting the fans. How is this beneath what the band says they are about? Also, not sure how this connects to money…Can you explain more?


  10. I must not be getting it because while I know John was teasing — and he WAS teasing — I don't see how this was necessarily beneath them. Maybe they wanted the reaction?? I don't know that I can see where this all connects to money unless you're meaning that they try to keep the fans coming back for more. (in which case I agree and I say “isn't that really the point though???”)

    I'd only be disappointed if John changed, to be honest. I don't mind the teasing and baiting…especially now that we can respond so openly. (and loudly at times. LOL) -R

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