It’s 1:40am, Amanda – WTF am I gonna write about?

There are some rumors that Duran Duran is going to be playing a show later today.

For those keeping track, this post is being written at 1:40am.  Welcome to touring, ladies and gentlemen.  After a night of hanging out in a (very) dark bar off of Sunset, I realized that I would likely have no other time to blog today.  So…this is it!

Today, err…I mean yesterday…was spent wandering around Hollywood and Highland, and drinking. I don’t even want to consider how much vodka was consumed, but I can tell you that tonight, as a small group of us sat in Bar 1200 at the Sunset Marquis, we first heard “Save a Prayer” and later, “Rio.”    Earlier we hung out at another bar called Royal, and prior to that, we paid homage to the Hard Rock Cafe.  We sat, we laughed, and we waited for our friend Heather to fly into Southern California.

Later today, Amanda and I are escorting Heather – a friend we met through our own Durandemonium convention two years ago – to her VERY FIRST DURAN DURAN SHOW. Heather is easily as big a fan as Amanda and I, and yet due to circumstance and geography, she’s never actually been to a show. When this information was first made known to us back at Durandemonium, Amanda and I promised that we would take her to a show on the next tour. I’m fairly certain that when we made that promise, Heather thought that we were insane and just agreed with us for good measure. We may be insane, but we also keep promises. Not only are we taking Heather to her first Duran Duran show, we’re taking her to her first three, and she has fucking AWESOME seats for each of them!

Truth be told, all of us are exhausted, probably a little drunk, and definitely overdue for Duran shows – but none of us more so than Heather.  I personally cannot wait to have LeBon and Co. step out onto that stage while I watch Heather’s head spin on its axis.  As much as I love seeing the band, and it cannot be said strongly enough that I do love seeing them – I think watching her reaction to the spectacle will make it all that much more meaningful and exciting.

I can barely remember the excitement that went into my first show. That was in 1989, and by that time – the fab five was no more, but nothing could have popped the balloon of joy I had floating around me at the time. Watching Heather participate in those same moments of joy will definitely make the experience that much more meaningful for me, now 30+ shows into my journey.

So, now that I head off to bed, with visions of sparkly jackets, leather pants and ginger-haired guitar players in my head, I can hardly wait to see what later today brings for my friend from the north.

The band had better be ready to bring it.


7 thoughts on “It’s 1:40am, Amanda – WTF am I gonna write about?”

  1. Heather, soak it all up baby….and let Rhonda and Amanda show you the good way!!! And when you make eye contact with JT, channel a little bit of me into him. Love to you all xoxo Chickrat

    1. You are and it will be beautiful! I will warn you, though. Once you have had a taste, you will need more and more and more… -A

      1. I saw my first show in 2011 and A is right – you will need more, and more, and more! Have a great time Heather! Can’t wait to hear more reports!

  2. Have fun! If I can’t be there in person, the next best thing is living vicariously through you guys! Can’t wait to read your recaps!

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