It’s been a long, crazy trip!

So today Amanda and I begin the long journey of getting ourselves back to our normal lives.  This includes a plane from Edinburgh to Heathrow, another from Heathrow to Chicago, and as an added bonus yours truly gets to board yet another flight from Chicago to Santa Ana, CA.  I think I land in Orange County at 9pm…still on Monday….I think.  From there, I land on the cold, hard pavement of reality very quickly as my darling husband, in yet another fit of planned brilliance, leaves for another business trip the very next morning.  Join me in extolling the joys of jet-lag!

While I have no doubt that for the next few days I will be openly and loudly cursing the band at every opportunity, since of COURSE it’s their fault I decided to do this trip in the first place (who said they needed to be this good, anyway?), there is a large part of me that will remain ever thankful I began this journey.  I really do have to remember to thank the band, because they made the shows SO fun for us.  I heard Secret Oktober (thank goodness we didn’t miss Brighton), I stood in front of my favorite band member 4 times, smiled so much my face hurts,and was reminded again and again of not only why I fell in love with Duran Duran back when I was barely 10 years old, but I still love them today.  Oh, and I was even “encouraged” to learn how to love hearing/seeing HLTW live again. (damn that band, particular the guitar player!) Not bad for a 6 day trip.

Traveling overseas tends to teach a person a lot about their self, and I am no exception.  The first time, when I traveled last May, I think I was shocked I pulled it off without killing myself or anyone else.  (laugh if you must…) I surprised myself with just how independent I can be when given the opportunity, a quality I am still learning.  This time, I think I’ve learned just how important my close friendships really are to me, and that I am not willing to compromise  those relationships for any reason.  Something else that still boggles my mind is just how many people this blog reaches and touches.  I know Amanda and I could have never had the foresight to understand just how important this blog might become to fellow fans.  Rest assured, we’ll keep writing as long as there is something to say.  

There were many fun moments along the way on this journey.  We met new friends, strengthened ties, learned more about what it really means to be a fan, regardless of the country you’re from, and I’m pretty sure I havent laughed this much since I sat at Cafe Tempo one fateful late night in Chicago back in 2005.  We heard unprintable stories, experimented in some of our own unprintable debauchery (sorry, some stories have to stay my own!) and I even learned how to enjoy listening to HLTW again in the right company. (another story I’m not sharing!). As I said, Amanda and I laughed a lot!

The only real problem I have with this trip is figuring out how I’ll ever top it.  Maybe the real goal is not to try.  That doesn’t mean I’ll never travel for the band again – in fact I already recanted the statement I made to my husband the night before I left – I’d told him these were likely my last shows outside of California.   Ha.  As if!  Like the good little fan/addict/special person/sad-o I am, I’m already thinking ahead to the next set of shows they might do here in the US.  Sorry Walt, but I’m still not cured.  I think the real lesson here is to take each moment as it comes, treasure it for its own merit, and move on to the next with open arms.  There will *never* be another show like Glasgow, Brighton for me,…or even one like the fan show in NYC (2007)…and that’s OK (in some cases, that’s even preferred!).   I’m just looking forward to the next time we can all get together to celebrate this band that brought us together, and so should you.

After all, didn’t a wise man once write, “all you need is now”?  

Yes, I just called Simon wise.  In print, on my blog.  Deal with it.  Sometimes I’m nice!


PS – yes a review of Glasgow is coming….I promise!!

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