It’s Christmas Time

I don’t know about the rest of you but this has been a strange Christmas season for me.  It has not felt like Christmas time at all.  I’m not sure why exactly that is.  Maybe it is the lack of snow in my part of the world that is way weird.  Perhaps, it is the lack of family plans.  In previous years, I was either traveling to see a sibling or pick up one from the airport.  This year I will just be heading to my parents.  While I appreciate my parents, it doesn’t feel all that special since I see them all the time.  I suspect the fact that I have been grading all day for the last couple of days is adding to the lack of Christmas spirit.  Nonetheless, I’m done with that.  It is time for me to shake that all off and get in the spirit.  What will help?  Christmas related Duran videos, of course!

Let’s start with a classic!

Recently, this month’s Collector’s Corner came out focusing on the band’s holiday memories, including their favorite gifts and holiday songs.  It is a must listen!

Of course, the band members have posted holiday messages.  Here’s one from each of the guys.





Sometimes, Duran has been busy around the holidays.  The first clip here is old school with Wild Boys in 1984:

The next clip is a more recent one but one of my all-time favorites as Simon and John do a little Christmas cooking while promoting All You Need Is Now:

Finally, to finish off my little video clips, I thought I would include something totally and completely ridiculous!

I know this much…after watching all of these, I’m definitely feeling the Christmas spirit a lot more!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our readers!  Your continued support means the world to us.  Merry Christmas to my partner-in-crime and best friend!  I cannot wait to see you in just a few days!  Likewise, I hope that the band and our friends also enjoy their holiday.  The party will definitely continue in Vegas!


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