It’s Roger Taylor’s Birthday!

As I glanced at my calendar this morning, I realized that it is Roger Taylor’s birthday!!  Wasn’t his birthday just like a week ago?  Is it me or does it seem like time is passing faster and faster?  Anyway, birthdays provide a good time to celebrate our favorite drummer!

Recently, Roger Taylor has been in a Duran Duran news spotlight as he attended the exhibition on Denis O’Regan’s book, Careless Memories, at the Malmaison Hotel in Birmingham and did an interview with the Birmingham Mail there.  You can read the entire interview here.  I’ll comment on a few things that caught my attention!

Tour & Fame

I think Roger’s description of their fame in 1984 matches descriptions I have heard from other band members.  He says it was like being on a “runaway train” as all these people were involved in the day-to-day life of the band.  I am sure that is true and I can’t imagine how out-of-control they must have felt.  Yes, I’m sure the fame was great but…it sounds scary in some ways to me.  I would want to be control of what happens to me, whenever possible.


Roger stated that teenage fans “want every part of you” and that there is constant exposure but stated how would be worst now with technology.  I had a number of questions to follow up.  What does it mean to “want every part of you”?  (Get your heads out of the gutter, kids.  I wasn’t thinking that… but apparently you all were!)  Then, I wonder how it is different now to have adult fans.  Do we demand the same level of intensity or is it different or less?

Left and Return

Roger talked about how he was similar to Zayn Malik from One Direction, in that they both left their bands in order to live a “normal life”.  Roger went on to say, though, that no matter what he was always going to be Roger Taylor of Duran Duran.  The title always followed him.  I suspect that is true with anyone famous.  I also think is is true of anyone who becomes well-known for something that they do.  For example, I would always be known in my community as a teacher.  It just happens.  He said that he needed to “embrace” that role rather than fight it.  I suspect that is a lesson that a lot of us could learn.

Duran Plans

The upcoming album was discussed.  I didn’t read anything new or exciting on that front.  It is too bad that he didn’t want to share some news, though!  He mentioned the festivals that Duran Duran has coming up.  Strangely, he mentioned something about coming back to the U.S. in July.  I wish I knew what he was talking about there!  Anyone know?!?

While this interview didn’t provide anything super exciting, it did one thing for me as a fan.  It reminded me that Roger wasn’t always with the band and that I should appreciate the fact that he is here now.  I shouldn’t take him or his role in the band for granted.  Duran Duran is MUCH better with Roger and I am thankful he came back and continues to stay.

On that note, Rhonda and I would like to wish Roger a VERY, VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



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