It’s Too Much Information for Me

Sometimes, I struggle with what to blog abut about other times, I have about 50 things I want to talk about.  When it rains it pours, I guess.  Don’t worry I have written them down and hope to get to each one of them!  This week, I returned to work after a 2 and a half weeks break.  The vacation was wonderful and productive.  I felt good going into the week.  I was prepared and knew exactly what I needed to get done when.  Well…I did well the first couple of days.  Then, as you know from Rhonda’s blog yesterday, we have been busy and on the phone with each other a lot.  I have been so overwhelmed by life , from our plans and from work that I keep missing any and all news on the Duran front. This post going to help me out by summarizing the past week in Duranland!

Studio Visit Auction:
Apparently, there is a new auction to observe the band in the studio, get a picture with the band and a tour of the studio.  The money raised will be used to support the National Literacy Trust.  The auction itself takes place on January 22nd but bidding can be done via absentee bidding that goes until January 21.  The information can be found here.  Now, this is a pretty cool prize, in my opinion.  I would love, love, love to be a fly on the wall in the studio and get to watch the band work.  As for the photo, I would be up for that, too, since I don’t have one.  I also love that this is to support literacy.  As a reading teacher, this couldn’t please me more.  That said, I suspect that this one will be too rich for my blood with a plane ticket and the auction cost.  I hope that the band helps the organization bag a lot of cash and good luck to all people who enter!

TV Mania:
There is now a website for TV Mania at:  For those of you unaware (and I know there were many of you–I saw that on twitter), this was a project of Nick and Warren that was started years ago when Warren was still in the band.  The project has never seen the light of day, officially, but I know that there was a demo floating around sometime.  It seems to me that the project will be a lot like Medazzaland in that it was experiential, to say the least.  Now, when this project finally surfaces, Rhonda and I will give it a shot and review it as we do many/most Duran related projects.  I know that there are many fans who are really excited by this and I’m happy for them!  I can’t say I’m as excited as I wasn’t a big fan of the Medazzaland era but I hope that I’m pleasantly surprised!

Roger Taylor is Alive!
Apparently, Roger has been on vacation in Peru and enjoying the beautiful weather!  It is nice to know that he is alive and well.  I think many of us are a bit jealous of the vacation as I stare out the window of my still covered by snow environment despite warmer than normal January temperatures.  I also noticed that Roger was encouraged to write a postcard for all of us to read.  I second that idea!!

John Taylor’s Guest Vocals:
Koishii and Hush, a trance duo, just released a new single, C’est Tout Est Noir, which features some vocals by Mr. John Taylor.  According to Duran’s facebook, John approached it like he did the recording of the song, I Do What I Do, which, to me, meant that it would be almost like a spoken vocal.  Now, that I have heard the track, I think my assessment with that was right on.  Unfortunately, because I have been so busy I haven’t seen/heard much in Duranland about who got the single, what people thought, etc.  Perhaps, a lot of people didn’t download the track.  I did.  I feel like I should give everything a chance even though trance is not my favorite thing.  I have to admit that I thought it was a really good dance track.  I would definitely dig it in the right club setting.  Plus, I really like John’s vocals!  

Duran Duran Update:
Monday saw an official update from the band.  The update, which can be found on, basically stated on the guys are still on vacation but plan to return to the studio with Mark Ronson in March to begin working on the next album.  The update indicated that the band was pleased with the result of working with Mark on All You Need Is Now and can’t wait to see what they would come up with next.  The reaction to this news, from what I saw, was exactly as I had expected it.  Most people were excited!  There were, as always, a few Duranies that were fine with it but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they were excited.  Many others pointed out that this isn’t really news as this information has been out there for awhile.  My thoughts about it?  I am THRILLED with this.  I couldn’t be happier.  To me, AYNIN felt like essential Duran.  It didn’t feel dated but it did FEEL like them.  It is easily one of their best albums, in my opinion.  Thus, I can’t wait to see/hear what they come up with next!!!

You know what surprises me about this week in Duranland?  I am surprised that for Duran downtime there was so much going on!  It also says to me that this works well for fans.  Duran is always there, always present even when they are not officially working.  It is like a check-in, of sorts.  It doesn’t have to be much, I don’t think.  It just needs to be something to say this is what they are working on or what they are doing.  I have no doubt that it was keep the fans from doing something drastic!  



10 thoughts on “It’s Too Much Information for Me”

  1. As I linger here in bed trying to beat this unforgiving cold (hopefully not the flu!) I must admit I am enjoying the complete and utter silence (kids at school & hubby at work plus I needed a break however, sickly I am from work too!) I have been catching up on Katy's cafe and your blog (which I have on the home screen of my Ipad)…I Really appreciate you sharing the latest Duran and band member ventures with us (Duranies) who have been out of the D2 loop as of late…
    2012 was such a wonderful year for the band & fans (concerts and Book signings, I would be remiss if I didn't share that I was lucky enough to attend both) My teen daughter would have been happier to stay home, but JT thanked her for attending the signing “with your Mum” and she informed JT that I owe her Gaga concert for attending…He laughed…Now guess who is driving to Dallas to take teen and friends to see Lady G… I would also like to comment on your blog post referencing “living life now”.
    And I quote ” You Have Exactly One Life To Do Everything You'll Ever Do. Act Accordingly- Collin Wright
    I wish you all the best with the Duran Duran Convention and we are all sure you and all whom are involved will see it to fruition.
    P.S. Gotta go, Hubby just came home to check on me and presented me with a large Chocolate shake topped with a cherry (Yes, this is love!) Well, maybe just a smidgen more than Duran FANDOM!

  2. You are so right about the “one life”. I'm packing the latter half of mine pretty full…and I'm having a great time doing it, too! 🙂

    Enjoy that chocolate shake and feel better soon! -R

  3. Very nice of you to talk about me being so excited about TvMania ! 😉 I really want to discover at last that almost mythical project. As Medazzaland is one of my favorite album, if not my favorite and admiring Warren's talent and fascinating passion for music. Now my fear is, did they were able to finish it preserving the freshness of the original concept during all those years? Well, we will see or hear in fact. I was amused to see that some persons were terrified by the idea of Warren returning with the band in that occasion. I don't think so, even if I would love to live that, it would be a strange move fallowing the success of AYNIN. But then… isn't that Duran Duran's way? to modified things when they are in good situation? At the same time it was the same lineup who did RCM so is it the lineup taht made AYNIN good? I don't think so. Surely some excitement to discover all that soon.


  4. Just a a quickie to say I love that JT track. I find his spoken style very shexxxyyyyy! 😉

    Ohhh and double yay about the kick off of a new album. I hope it is fantastic.

  5. It will be interesting to see if TV Mania feels fresh after all this time. As for including it, it is related to Duran!

    You are right that it was the same band line-up for RCM and AYNIN. Yet, there were two huge differences. First, Dom was just a session player on RCM but wrote on AYNIN. Second, producers can be a huge factor. 🙂


  6. Of course it's all about production and management. So we could be in a pretty good feeling of hope for the next album. Apparently Simon said that it was going to be more funky. This can be a bit scary since the most funky song on AYNIN was Safe, not the very best. But then… Simon says a lot of things. 🙂


  7. I am curious about what TV Mania will be like, we'll definitely be listening! The project sounds interesting, so we'll have to see how it turned out. I do wonder if it will feel dated,but I kind of suspect it's the type of project that won't really have a time associated with it – so I'm very intrigued.

    I learned long ago not to second guess what the band would do regarding line-up, but I am hoping they are happy with the way things have jelled as a group of five. -R

  8. I just get the feeling that the auction prize is really a m&g with photo. I just can't see them allowing access to them WORKING in the studio. If you read the description, it doesn't mention getting to see them play music AT ALL. I know I'm a bit jaded when it comes to contest prizes but I think this one needs to be viewed for what it is and not what we would all like it to be. It's still a great prize to see their studio and meet them and if I were in the U.K., I'd definitely enter. However, it's on a completely different level from watching them create new music. – Michduran

  9. I can't imagine they'd be cool with letting someone in there while they were writing. I mean, how annoying would THAT be for them?

    Here is the text from the auction item:
    “The winner and a guest will be invited to visit the band in a recording studio in London while they work on their forthcoming album. While there, they will have their photo taken with Duran Duran, and be given a private tour by a staff member.”

    Just so we're clear…we wouldn't want to be “credited” with implying anything different than what is being offered! ;D -R

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