ITV’s One Night Special

I just got done watching the ITV One Night Special via my computer.  Before I comment about the show, I want to acknowledge how wonderful technology is.  When I was a kid, I would have killed to have a chance to watch specials airing in other parts of the world like this!  The format of the show was pretty typical with both live clips and interviews surrounding telling the history of the band.  There is nothing wrong with the format, but I have to admit that I want more.  I always want more.  Perhaps, I want something different because there are and have been so many shows like this one.  Maybe, it is a sign that I have been a fan for WAY too long.  LOL.  Nonetheless, I did enjoy the show immensely and really got me excited to see them live again!

There were many, many positives about this particular show.  First, I thought the band looked fabulous!!!  They looked great, both in the live clips and in the interviews.  They seem both happy and healthy as well as rested.  All good.  I noticed that the clothes they have been wearing aren’t like what they were doing for the last tour/album.  For RCM, they wore a kind of uniform in which everyone looked basically the same.  This time around they seem to be themselves more.  Everyone seemed to be wearing what they wanted to.  Yes, the clothes seem to be all dark and of a similar style but not so singular.  I appreciate this because it feels like they aren’t trying TOO much while still caring.  Another positive was their live performance for many of the tracks.  I thought they exhibited a lot of energy, especially for A View to a Kill and Notorious.  They performed the new tracks with some excitement, too, in my opinion.  Of course, there were some songs that they seemed to lack this energy or I lacked energy in hearing them.  Who knows?!  Nonetheless, I thought they sounded good, for the most part.  I enjoyed seeing some of the usual live moments like clapping at the end of Rio, Simon’s kick in the Reflex and punches during Notorious.  The strings were unexpected and a nice touch.  One thing that I thought was cool was having all of their different logos in the background during the song introductions.  It shows both their history and their focus on details.

Of course, I didn’t think that everything was perfect.  (Do I ever?!)  I loved the interviews and always do.  I consistently feel like I get something out of hearing and reading interviews from them.  It may just be a little glimpse of who they are and what they think but that’s enough for me.  These interviews seem to stay on the surface and suffered from what a lot of Duran specials seem to suffer from these days.  They try to hit a few big topics but don’t have the time to dive into any of the topics.  Yes, I realize that it must be incredibly difficult to decide what to cover and how to.  I just wish that it wasn’t always about how they band formed, how videos led to their success, and the price they paid from partying.  There was a little bit said about them currently.  I just wish that they would decide if it is a biography or a current events piece.  Then, I’m always left wondering why it is always a female interviewing them?  Why?  Does anyone have any idea?  Is this how the shows will get male viewers?  Is this because Duran has had more females than males fans?  Do they seem non-threatening?  What?  Then, of course, I had some criticism of the live footage.  Why can’t they acknowledge Dom, Anna and Saxy Simon?  Is that too hard to do?  Why they aren’t acknowledged, that always feels a little disrespectful to me.  Then, what the heck is with focusing on Dom during the one moment of JoSi during Sunrise?  Is it done to personally torture me?  I love Dom and want him to get the footage he deserves but not during JoSi!!!  Lastly, what is the deal with all of the fan shots?  Personally, I want to see as much as the band as possible.  Is that so wrong?! 

Yet, despite all of my criticism, I’m still left with a little smile on my face.  Why?  The last segment really touched me when they were talking about why they continue to do this.  I noticed that John referred to the band as “home” and Roger said something about being “accepted.”  Strangely or interestingly enough, I think the fans feel the same way.  We, too, feel at home with Duran and with other Duranies, if lucky.  We feel an acceptance when we join and participate in fandom, too.


4 thoughts on “ITV’s One Night Special”

  1. I couldn't view it….so I'll take your word for it. I suppose I'm a little disappointed, but at the same time…I'm really not because I'm going to see them later in the week and I'd rather be surprised. 🙂 -R

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