January 2020 Katy Kafe with John

Finally, I might be caught up with the kafes! Okay, I know. There is one more in which Katy and Nick share their predictions and thoughts about the Oscars. Generally, I don’t review that one as I am not the biggest movie buff. Anyways, this January kafe features our bass player and yours, Mr. John Taylor. It also highlights fan questions. As always, I will only be sharing what catches my attention. If you want to hear the whole thing (without any of my commentary), I recommend heading over to DuranDuranMusic and listening yourself.

Question: Any new TV show?

John started to watch Schitt’s Creek, which he has been enjoying. (Me, too! My nieces have harassed me enough that I started it.) He felt like he needed a comedy, which I can understand.

Question: Some Duran songs that you don’t love but have to play live?

No. He said that he cannot help but love them. (Really??? Ugh. Come Undone? Oh, wait. That’s me.) Although, he did admit that he might not listen to them but appreciates how they were constructed. (I can get that.) He also likes the idea of trying to play each song the best ever each and every time he plays.

Question: What inspires you to write new music?

In answering this question, John shared a story about buying a nw Wire album, which brought him back to when he was a kid wanting to make music. He said that he has learned about where to go to get inspired, which is especially important while working on a new album. (Interestingly enough, he talked about how they are at the very difficult point in making #DD15 in which they have to finish the songs. It isn’t easy but they push in order to put out something “that the fans could be proud of.” I have to admit that comments like that really warm my heart.)

Question: What can we expect from the next album? Different from Paper Gods?

It is “quite different” from Paper Gods, according to John. That said, it still is Duran Duran with the same formula as usual. He is not ready to talk more specifically about the music. They are not there yet.

Question: Would John consider teaching a master class on bass playing?

No. He might consider some class about creativity in a broad sense but does not consider himself a teacher in that way. He also mentioned about how he was self-taught. Simon, on the other hand, can teach other singers. (Interesting. I think John makes a really good point that I completely appreciate as a teacher. Just because *you* know how to do something does not mean that you can teach it to others. Teaching is an art and a science, for sure.)

Question: Does current events influence the band’s work?

John admitted that it does to some extent but he tries not to have politics overtly influence as it is hard enough to finish songs.

Question: How do you maintain normalcy on the road?

The internet helps John stay in touch while on the road. He also explained about having things like Netflix has helped to create more of a common culture, making things feel more normal. He says that it helps having really nice people around them, too.

Question: Favorite Duran song that you wished fans embraced more?

John quite likes Finest Hour even though he thinks they did not get it completely right. (I love that song so I agree with him!)

Favorite album art work from other artist: London Calling by the Clash

Theme song for his life: James Bond theme

Do you respond if someone calls you Nigel: No. (Ha!) His parents eventually called him John. (That’s a fun fact.)

Funko Pop Dolls: John wonders if they double as sex toys? (Uh…what?!) Then, he manages to point out that sex toy discussion is usually Warren’s territory. (Oh…my.)

I have to admit that I heard some concerns about how John sounded during this one but he seemed perfectly normal to me. Yes, the work surrounding the album seems stressful but I get it. I am the exact same way when I’m in the middle of an intense campaign. In my opinion, that feeling could result in something amazing. As always, I enjoyed listening and taking some notes. It was a nice way to end my weekend.


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