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If any of you are like me, you probably have been struggling to keep up with all of the media surrounding John Taylor’s book release.  Thus, I thought rather than dive into a deep subject today, it would be better to compile some of those media appearances.  Of course, I’m a chatty one so I might offer a comment or two after each clip.  I’m hoping, though, that you will want to add your own comments as well!  For the purpose of this blog, I will be focusing solely on the video clips one can find online.  If you know where to find the radio clips, I would be happy to put those up as well.  If you would like a full list of media and I know you do, you can find it on

1.  All About John Taylor’s In the Pleasure Groove:

I absolutely ADORE this.  I love seeing John look through Duran artifacts from the past as well as his diary.  As someone with a history degree and experience in museums and archives, what I wouldn’t do to be able to run a museum or archive just related to Duran Duran.  Think about the various exhibits I could include!  The possibilities are endless!  *sigh*

2.  CNN:

The biggest thing that stood out for me on this interview clip was the comments surrounding teenage fans.  He mentioned how the attention he got was attention he was “uncomfortable with”.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much of a “curse” some of this attention was and still can be.  As he stated, he loved teenaged fans in the concert hall but not right outside his house.  I would assume the same would be true of his middle-aged fans.  On a different note, I smirked when he talked about how all guys fancy themselves a little like James Bond.  This always reminds me of when I sent him James Bond socks during the 2006 Church of the Bass God birthday socks package.  🙂

3.  The Today Show:  Click Here

I noticed two things during this clip.  First, the interviewer mentioned that the book was not a tell-all.  I will wait to comment on this statement for the Book Club discussions on Mondays.  It is something I hope we discuss, though.  Second, both John and the interviewer stressed loneliness.  It is hard to imagine being surrounded by people and being lonely but…as someone who battles with loneliness from time to time, I know how devastating of an emotion it can be.

4.  The Couch:  Click Here

First, I love that John talks about his experience being a fan in the book.  Obviously, this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  Then, while watching this clip and hearing John talk about his dad’s experience as a Prisoner-in-War, I couldn’t help but to think about what my sister does for a living.  She is an Oral Historian and documents people’s lives through them telling their stories.  John’s dad would have been a perfect candidate for this.

5.  Big Morning Buzz on VH1:  Click Here

This clip was hard for me as the interviewer just rubbed me the wrong way.  She was everything that bothers me about female interviewers with Duran as she was giggly, asked silly questions and talked about how she was such a fan.  Anyway…I wish that she didn’t go over JUST the “juiciest” parts of the book.  There is so much more to John and his story than just getting the legal age while touring or having fans want to exchange bodily fluids with him.  Ugh.

6.  Associated Press: 

John makes a really good point here.  This is HIS perspective and his experience.  As he points out, Nick’s perspective would be very different as would Simon’s.  The other thing I liked in this clip is that they showed modern footage as well as the classic clips.

Bonus clips:  Siruis XM

I enjoyed these clips very much.  I thought most of the fan questions were well-done and John gave interesting and thoughtful responses because of that.  I can only hope that the reading I’m going to will be just as worthy of praise.


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