John Taylor: Award Winner!

Friday night, John Taylor received the “Experience, Strength and Hope Award” in Los Angeles for his autobiography, In the Pleasure Groove:  Love, Death and Duran Duran.  This award is given by Writers in Treatment, an organization that supports recovery from addition in the arts community.  This particular award is presented to a writer who has written about his/her experiences from addition to recovery.  Of course, described it more thoroughly in the official press release, which can be found here

It goes without saying about how proud I am of John, which I suppose sounds kinda silly since I am just a fan.  Still, I am proud of him.  I cannot begin to imagine the level of courage it took to not only admit to himself and others about his addiction but to then travel the long, challenging road to recovery.  Many of us  were well aware of this journey before his autobiography came out.  Yes, he would, at times, mention it in interviews but more in-depth understanding came from some of his solo work that seemed to focus on it.  Two songs immediately come to mind:  Trust the Process and Better Way.  The lyrics are posted below:

Trust the Process:
Don’t you worry
Time’s a healer
‘fore you know it
You’ll be through it
Just believing
keeps you breathing
keep on building
Trust the process

Keep the liars
in my head home
take no notice
they’ll be dead soon
trusting instinct
trust the feeling
trust in living
trust the process

I will love forever
Trust in you
Trust in my love
Last forever
Trust in you

Days of innocence
are behind me
all I’ve left is
my adult life
Lots of time left
left to move up
Trust the ceiling
Trust the process

I will love forever
Trust in you
Trust in my love
Last forever
Trust in you
Trust in my love
Last forever
Trust in you
Trust in my love
Last forever
Trust in you 

Better Way:
Set up the mission, unfurl the flag
It’s time to lay roots down, take my head out of the bag
Make me a baby, take me a wife
With these things, maybe I’ll be alright

There’s a better way
I know there’s a better way
When I need it, and I need it for sure everyday

Fill up the museum, an island in the sun
More things that I don’t need just pick me up
Head for the waterfall, don’t drown in the juice
Make the right noises maybe I’ll be alright

How come it’s so hard to climb
And so easy to slide?
How come it’s so easy to fly
And so hard to thrive?

There’s a better way
There must be a better way
When I need it, and I need it for sure everyday

It’s so much harder much harder to try
It’s easier to lie, to turn a blind eye

But now
There’s a better way, I know that there’s a better way
When I need it, and I need it for sure everyday
There’s a better way it makes for a better way
When we need it, we need it
We need it for sure, everyday

Unfurl the flag
Got my head out of the bag
I know it makes for a better day 

Then, of course, 2012 came around and John did more than write songs about his addiction.  It was prominently featured in his story, in his book.  He opened himself up and poured his story all over the pages of his book.  There was no hiding his addiction or his recovery.  Clearly, this organization felt that his openness was something to recognize.  Interestingly enough, John talked about this award during his last Katy Kafe.  At that time, he questioned the award.  I believe he said something about how he was being recognized for “fucking up” his life.  Part of me understands what he is saying.  After all, he wouldn’t have earned the award if he never became addicted to begin with.  Yet, the more significant aspect isn’t the addiction, which, truly, could happen to anyone.  No, the valuable part is that he chose to fight for recovery.  His story, then, can inspire others to seek the same battle.  That, I believe, IS worth celebrating. 

I would be curious to know how John perceived the event and the award on Friday.  Did he still feel this award wasn’t really an award someone would want?  Could he perceive it differently?  Based on the pictures I saw from DDHQ, it appeared that he seemed to have a good time with the host Robert Downey, Jr. or his friends, Michael Des Barres and Steve Jones.  Then, of course, I wonder exactly what the ceremony consisted of.  I understand there was a performer there who did some interesting and cool versions of Duran songs.  Did John get a chance to speak much?  If so, what was said? 

I know that there were some fans present as well.  What did they think of the event?  Were they pleased they had gone?  Perhaps, this is my hint for one or more of them to do a guest blog.  I’m sure that there are many fans who are like me and want to really know what it was like to be there.  While I wait for those guest blogs, I will remain proud of John and his very important accomplishments of his own recovery as well as his ability to inspire others to seek their own recoveries.



4 thoughts on “John Taylor: Award Winner!”

  1. I have always respected JT as an artist, but when I first found out about his addiction, I almost cried to think that he was ever that unhappy with his life, that he felt the need to turn to drugs. But when I learned that he was the one to realize that he was screwing up his life, and chose rehab, and recovery, I was never more proud of him, and of being a fan. Now I no longer respect him, I also admire him, for the inner strength he must posses. I know from watching my own Mother fight, and lose to addiction, that it takes a very strong character to first acknowledge their addiction, then to decide to do something it, and finally to keep themselves free of temptation. It's not an easy road to travel, not many people make it through, especially not without it changing them, and usually not for the better. I have seen people go through rehab, come out clean, and stay clean, as well as those like my Mother, who didn't stay clean. One thing I have noticed about those who have stayed clean, more often than not they have a tendency to become rather intolerant of others who use drugs, as well as undergoing a drastic personality change, and like I said not always for the better. Which is why I am so very proud of JT, because he has not only kept himself clean, but he seems happier, and far more relaxed than he has for a long, long time. In this way he has re-affirmed that my loyalty to Duran Duran, and it's members was never a mistake, and that all of the crap that I have had to take from people for being a Duranie was well worth it. The gentlemen of Duran Duran have never once given me a reason to feel ashamed of being a fan, and over the years have given me plenty of reasons to be a proud Duranie, and to continue to hold them in my highest respect.

  2. I’m glad our fave bass player was honoured.
    He was for a good cause that has nothing to share with music, but he received, in the past other Awards related to fashion, or similar trophies that are not properly designed to acknowledge a musician.
    As a fan, the Awards that matters to me are the music related ones: if it’s a Grammy or a Brit Award I know how to defend my hero from the possible wicked words from the non Duranie friends in my circle; although John’s Award is not a music thing I’m proud of him as well: this makes the whole world aware (non duranies included, …LOL!) that he’s amazing also outside his “sphere of action”.

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