John Taylor left DD (NOT NOW…back in 1997!) Do you remember?

I knew the title would freak people out, which is why I did a bit of last-minute editing.

Do you remember 1997? On this date in 1997, John Taylor broke the hearts of Duran fans worldwide by announcing that he was leaving Duran Duran.

Where did this happen?  Interestingly enough, it happened at DuranCon, which took place in Santa Monica, California. That’s right, he announced his departure directly to fans at a fan convention. Gotta admit – I appreciate that the news didn’t come through filtered management after many months of gossip and guesswork. (although chances are, all of that gossip was probably happening – but without the internet, I didn’t notice.) Say what you will about the rest of John’s absence from the band, I respect that he thought enough of the fans to tell them.

I wasn’t there for DuranCon, even though it happened here in California. At the time (naturally), I was living in Illinois, waiting very impatiently for my oldest to finally decide it was time to make her entrance into this world. (and yes, she was late. Nine days late, actually!) So, if you were there, feel free to share your personal experience.

In the meantime, I’ll just be thankful that John is back with the band – I only saw Duran Duran one time without him, and I have to say, it wasn’t the same for me. I’m going out on a limb and saying that I’m pretty sure Amanda would agree with me on that.  😉

Happy Weekend – stay safe!



2 thoughts on “John Taylor left DD (NOT NOW…back in 1997!) Do you remember?”

  1. why did john leave the group then? was there some musical difference’s or was it the fact he wanted to do a solo project back then?
    or did he feel he needed space away from the rest of the band?

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