John Taylor – Year End Katy Kafe

It’s Monday, and there’s another year-end Katy Kafe up at DDM, this time with the ever-delightful John Taylor! Don’t worry if you haven’t listened because we’ve got the highlights.

John Taylor on “Do They Know It’s Christmas”

As done with Roger, Katy opens the Kafe by asking about Band Aid. John talks about how the song is a testament to Bob Geldof’s entrepreneurial spirit and Midge Ure’s musical talent.  He describes the experience as being “rare” with sublimated egos. The song itself? John Taylor calls it a “good pop song that hasn’t gone away”, going so far as to say it was the best pop song of the era.  Can’t totally agree, given that Rio et. al was also of that time…but you know, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” holds its own.  John also comments that Peter Blake‘s sleeve artwork is some of his favorite.

John Taylor – Favorite Album of 2014

John Taylor was less-than-thrilled with the albums this year, and begins by saying he doesn’t really know if there was one that was his favorite, although he does mention Mark Ronson’s song “Uptown Funk“, feat. Bruno Mars as being the song of the year. Eventually though, John mentions a particular compilation of Elvis Presley songs as being music that has come to be important to him.  Up until this past year, John liked the early Sun Records recordings that Elvis had done, but on this particular CD – “From Nashville to Memphis 1969”, in particular a song called “This is My Story”, struck John. So there you have it, music fans.  Want to know what has inspired John this year? Get hold of some Elvis and go listen!

John Taylor on Movies…or Television…of 2014

Katy asks about movies this year, and John says he didn’t see many movies, sticking mostly to television. He mentions “Nashville” in particular, claiming to once again be addicted to the show. He says it is the best TV series (ever) about music and likens the songwriting process seen on the show to real life. He also mentions other shows such as “The Knick”, “Orange is the New Black”, “The Fall”…and generally just likes TV!!

John Taylor on Concerts of 2014

Once again, John prefaces by saying he didn’t go to many concerts this year…which is why it didn’t shock me when he mentioned Miley Cyrus. We’ll skip talking about her and move right on to Eminem and Fleetwood Mac, which were apparently very good live. He mentions their longevity and how there’s a sense of camaraderie on stage with them that Katy also sees with Duran Duran (agreed!!).  On the other hand, John mentions how back when he saw The Police on tour, they never even used to look at one another – but that they were always that way, as an audience member you could always sense the tension there and it was one thing (of many) that made them interesting.

John Taylor on his Favorite Book of 2014

John didn’t read many books this year, either. (What did he do all year – you’d think he was stuck in this studio this year or something!)  He does mention The Glitter Planby his wife Gela and her business partner and best friend Pam Skaist-Levy and proclaims this to be the book of 2014.

John Taylor on his Best Event of 2014

In the summer, John went to see The Winter’s Tale and loved it so much he returned to the studio to insist that everyone else go see it. Nick and Simon went and apparently loved it as much as John.

John Taylor also talked about working with Nile Rodgers. For John, Nile really helped to elevate his playing. Nile would play guitar and rather than instruct John as to what to do – John would simply play along, being inspired by Nile. He is the “total musician”, and John is still feeling how playing with Nile changed him.  He would love to play songs they wrote with Nile on a stage.

John Taylor on Looking Ahead to 2015

He is looking forward to getting the album out, although it appears we’ve still got quite a wait ahead.  John says that the album may be out “In June”, but with some serious hesitation, adding that “It’s possible…”  He says they have a lot of work ahead of them to do in order to make that goal, which is nearly the same exact thing he said last year at this time. He said they finished “on a high” this year by getting the first stage of mixes done with Spike Stent and now he just looks forward to Christmas in the UK with friends and family, smelling pine trees and wrapping paper.

Onward and upward!


2 thoughts on “John Taylor – Year End Katy Kafe”

  1. I loved the Katy Kafè.
    So sorry for Katy, who, poor woman, was coughing all the time and hope she is feeling better.
    It’s always interesting to listen to John, he’s art and rock. Keep being like this JT, please.
    O yes, I’d love to purchase his wife’s book: I have to see when it gets available on Kobo:
    On a #DD14 note: I heard his hesitation: nothing left to say than “Let’s wait!”. Ouch!

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