Keep the Faith!

It’s with great concern and sadness that I need to announce that the Pittsburgh show for tonight has also been canceled.  I hate having to share that information, and as I type my concern for Nick continues to grow.  Yes, I know there are thousands of disappointed ticket holders, fans, friends and loved ones out there, but at this moment, my concern is with Nick’s health – as should everyone’s.  It’s been a long tour.  Too long?  Probably not as much too long as too much.  Not enough days in between shows, not enough time to travel, rest up and feel human. (or at least 100% alien as might be the case with Nick – yes my humor remains intact!)  Not enough breaks to catch ones breath.

It wasn’t that long ago when I questioned just how rough their schedule really was.  Fans were telling me how tired they were mid-May, and I felt, that this is their job.  Albums don’t sell these days.  Tours make money. This is just part of the deal and of course they know that.  I still do feel that way, but I also feel that pushing 5 shows a week isn’t easy, especially over the course of 20 months.  It’s not the getting up on stage and playing that hurts, it’s the traveling AND pushing five shows a week that will do the damage.  I can’t tell you how many times Amanda and I have said that we wish the band would just stay put in cities for a day or two before pushing on – mainly out of our own selfishness because we’re sick of driving – but it’s true.  None of us are young anymore.  My mom keeps telling me that I’m burning the candle at both ends when I tour.  (Maybe so, but it’s damn fun!)

I’d like to address the rumor-mill at this point.  STOP.  I have heard some of the lamest, most ridiculous, heartless and cruel things in the past 12 hours – and I am nearly positive none of us really have the right, the information or the knowledge to be saying anything beyond what we’ve been told thus far.  I don’t need or want to read that your second cousin is friends with Nick’s second cousin who has an uncle that works in the janitorial department of the hotel in Atlantic City and he overheard another worker say to a bum on the street that Nick was helicoptered out of the hotel.  I don’t care that you work in a hospital that once did blood work for a Nicholas Bates and he has a drug problem AND a heart condition.  The bottom line is that A) it’s none of our business and B) We don’t know a single thing for certain.  Let me just say, even Daily Duranie gets bad information.  Yesterday evening just before the news was announced I got an “anonymous” text saying that the show was canceled.  So I jumped online to see what was going on.  In my personal FB mail I got messaged that the show was canceled, but that people were furious because none of the band ever left NYC, and it was left up until 45 minutes before showtime to call off the gig.  I was curious about that information, but honestly – I know nothing of the inner workings.  I mentioned this to a few people to get their reaction (in private), but about an hour later – I see that Dom Brown AND Simon were at the hotel in Atlantic City.  So much for the band never leaving NYC, right?  So who really knows for sure?  Not me.  Not you.  All we can do is have faith in the fact that the band would never allow Nick to get up on stage only to hurt himself, and in the end he will be fine.  Anything else is not helpful.

Seems silly that I have to give a pep talk – but in this case I feel that I must.  We have had an incredible album and tour.  Our community is more united now than ever.  We have seen the band extend themselves back to the fan community, and we’ve held out our hands in return.  We stick together, through good times and bad.  That is a lot to be thankful for.  Now isn’t the time to spread rumor and speculate publicly – it’s the time to provide support, care and concern.  Daily Duranie has no more or less of an “inside track” to information than anyone else, but we feel confident that if more information becomes available, we will gladly pass it on to everyone else.  Until then, let’s take a moment to truly be thankful and appreciative of everything we DO have.  We have great albums, fantastic memories of times long since passed.  We have had the joy of seeing this band come back from the brink of disaster more than once, and I have to say – this band has outlived a good many if not most of its brethren.  I have to believe they are good for more, and so should you.

Things we can do?  Keep up the good spirits.  Be positive. Be supportive.  Many of us have put Nick’s photo as our cover photo on Facebook, avatars elsewhere.  Let’s unite instead of dividing based on who thinks they know what.  It’s tiresome, and quite honestly – we’re all way too old for that these days.  Keep the people traveling to the shows in our hearts and minds, and understand that for these people, it’s a tightrope between being sad for Nick and heartbroken for themselves…and that is totally understandable.

Until tomorrow.  Keep the faith, Duranies!!


17 thoughts on “Keep the Faith!”

  1. Thanks for the brevity. I keep having to remind myself that the man is 50 years young…the stamina required is breath taking. Sure, there are days that I go to work, and just go through the motions, but on stage, you can't just fake it. I feel horrible for ticket holders. I imagine they feel gutted. I hope the band realizes that everyone's health comes first and that a short term disappointment is better than…well I don't dare utter that. Keep calm and carry on!

  2. The thing is there will always have people with poor judgement and mean behaviour. This is sad. In that band no one is more dedicated than Nick. All the others at one moment or another had moment they left the band or were not completly present. Nick always was. So if he can,t do the show I am sure that it is because he really can't. How bad is it? Lets hope nothing too bad. Touring is surely hard. We all see the show but there is lot mor than that in touring. Trips, hotel, strange food, promotions, beautiful fans wanting to see them all the times 😉 and the shows must be energy draining, llok at him durong a show and you can see how occupied he is. He don't even seems to have fun like the others. Strange situation mmmm the tour began badly with Simon's voice problem and end the same way this time with Nick. Let hope he get well soon. I think we all love those guys, this is a very human band. This is part of what being a real durany is.


  3. I read this feeling very sad for the band as I know they were really gutted when they had to cancel for Simon's illness, the decision to cancel wouldn't have been made if it wasn't absolutely necessary to do so. Sadly, them leaving to the last minute is not their fault either, that would be a decision by their insurance to wait until the last possible minute to cancel in the hope that he would be well enough to go on, as the insurance company probably don't want a cancellation anymore than the band do. Whilst there is disappointment to many, we must not forget at the heart of this is an unwell individual, for which his health is the most important thing. For that reason we should all be sending positive and happy wishes for speedy recovery to Nick Rhodes who we all love, and seriously not indulging in idle gossip, rumours, conspiracy theories and other nonsense.

  4. It's my opinion that the band has nothing to be disappointed about. They created a fantastic album, promoted it to the best of their abilities, learned how to use social media to strengthen their relationship to their fans, and have had an amazing tour that has spanned beyond the life of many other bands out there. To cut the tour a few shows short – or to simply cancel two shows is nothing in the long run.

    The only sadness I have today is that it's never enough time. I kind of like hanging out with them for the few hours we get, and it's sad that it might be a few years before we get that chance again. Other than that, I say job well done. -R

  5. BRAVO, Julie!! You are so right. No one wants to see any of them sick…and I'll even go this far: they really ARE our Supermen in a lot of ways. We see them as perfect (well, sort of perfect, yes?), and as such it never seems to enter our minds that they can get sick, or that they won't be there and so forth. When it happens, it's a shock.

    I think back to when my own father became incredibly ill, and while this is nothing like that was because I am sure Nick will be just fine in a few days; it is incredibly alarming when you see that the people you believe are made of steel really are just human. I think a lot of our shock, sadness and even anger at times when they've got to cancel shows has to do with that. At least, that's what it is for me. I love each and every one of these guys and I hate seeing them unwell in any way. It's very difficult. 🙁


  6. I can't believe how dumb and twisted some minds are! It's hard to imagine that some people would sooner jump into conspiracy theory mode instead of accepting the disappointing truth, wishing Nick well and hoping for the best. The same thing happened when Simon was briefly out of commission (some fans going as far as to blame the band for their inconvenience. The nerve!!). It's sick and unreal. GET A GRIP, PEOPLE!!!

  7. CAN I GET AN AMEN! PREACH IT GIRLFRIEND! People need to live in the real world and realize that it takes alot out of the human body to do all that travel, not only physically but mentally as well! These guys are not 25 yrs old anymore, as much as we would like to think that they are, and the toll that it makes on your body has to be unreal. A true fan will understand all this and, while being disappointed, will accept all this as part of the tour process and wait till the next opportunity, with no hard feelings.

  8. Unfortunately some people are just thoughtless and selfish. I read back over things that were said when Simon had his vocal problems and some people were just nasty and cruel and coming up with all sorts of conspiracry theories. There are some people who hang around fandom who seem to revel in the idea that they are hasbeens who have trouble selling tickets for one thing, despite all the very considerable evidence to the contrary, and are quick to yell “they are just making it up to cover for lack of ticket sales”.

    Of course it's understandable to be disappointed about a show being cancelled, time and money has been spent, hopes have been raised but Duran Duran have never ever been a band that just cancels willy nilly or because “meh not in the mood”. If they cancel it's because there is a serious reason over which they have no control. That's why they so rarely cancel concerts.

    IMO anyone who thinks otherwise, doesn't know the band they claim to be fans of very well at all. These guys take their jobs seriously and more than that they love to perform, even if they understandably get tired towards the end of a long tour. They don't cancel shows lightly and probably feel as bad about doing it as the fans are at having them canceled.

    I hope Nick feels better soon and they are able to at least do the last 2 or 3 shows so they can go out on a high note and not feel like they've ended in disappointment.

  9. In this case I don't think it's their age, I really think they were over-scheduled for the final leg. They were doing up to 5 shows a week, that's a lot at any age, especially when it involves traveling across a very big country. If Nick happened to pick up a bug, then that would make it worse, he has no chance to rest. Didn't Anna Ross just post a Postcard describing how she'd been in 3 states in 1 day? Well then so was the rest of the band.

  10. Yeah, I still think it would have behooved them to build more days in between shows so that they didn't have to travel nearly every day. 3 states in one day is ridiculous – I know because I've done it. Just last week actually!! It takes a lot out of the body. I think I could have done it better 10 years ago than I did last week, but even so – I'm talking about 4 shows where they are talking hundreds over the course of the months they toured. It's a lot for anyone, but especially when you consider they're not youngsters these days. I do think age makes a difference, but yes – it would have been tough on anybody! -R

  11. I was at the Foxwoods show Friday night with my husband, and he is the one who really pays close attention to the band and what is going on with them, while I am busy dancing and singing. And he did make a comment after the show that Nick just did not seem like his usual self – I hadn't really noticed but I wasn't paying that close attention either.

    The set list was shortened, but I chalked that up to it being a casino show and there being a time limit imposed by the casino(same thing happened at their Foxwoods show last April), but I am now wondering if Nick's illness played a part in that as well?

    I'm just grateful that they did get perform on Friday – we had made other plans down in CT and southern RI for the weekend so we had other stuff going on as well, but I know I would have been very disappointed if we had gotten all the way down there and they were forced to cancel the show. Nick's health though should be his number one priority though, and hoping he is feeling better soon!


  12. Oh dear! I didn't mean to imply that! 🙂 I was referring to the short-term disappointment for fans who held tickets for the cancelled dates, and I am sure there is some degree of low for the band in that case. In any event…rest is what they all need and deserve. They need to do another tour at least…so I can see them for the first time. >>grin<<

  13. Oh no Heather – you didn't imply that. I'm sorry. My mind is sort of fragmented today and I'm having difficulty putting words together. I probably shouldn't have used that word when I was mentioning how proud of themselves they should be. LOL I was agreeing with you. 😀 -R

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