LA Forum in 1984. Were you there?

Truth be told, I’ve been hitting you all with “This date in Duran history” posts lately because I haven’t had much to draw from in the inspiration department. I think it’s kind of quiet, and that always makes blogging a little more difficult, so I go to the past to try to give me something to say.

Today is not really much different. I hopped on Facebook hoping for something, and then realized that on this date in 1984, Duran Duran played at the LA Forum. This was a show I wasn’t able to attend, but I know plenty of people who did. I envy those that could be there, including my friend Karen from childhood. I remember hanging out in her bedroom for sleepovers throughout middle and high school. Each time, I would take a second to look at her ticket stub from the show. I had that stub memorized down to every last perforation. I was so envious. She was the youngest of three or four, and her sister was a lot older than her (probably the same difference in age as my two girls – 11 years). So, her sister took her to the concert. Sure, they were in $11.00 seats, which back then meant she was probably in nosebleeds – but she was there.  I was not. I don’t know what it was like to be a Duranie back in the 80s in that sense (of going to concerts), because I didn’t go to my first Duran Duran show until far later….1989.

Sure, it was only five years later, but I don’t need to explain to all of you how different of a time that was. We lived it, right?  So, in 1984 my Duranie-ness was expressed solely through the amount of hours I spent listening and watching DD on TV, talking to friends about them. (I won’t lie, in 1984 I spent most of my time talking to friends about how I was going to marry Roger Taylor. I was deep in the throes of delusional fairy tales, which were far more exciting than real life woes as an awkward thirteen year old.)  Going to shows and experiencing the frenzy first hand was something I never had the chance to do. By 1989, Roger and Andy were gone. The band was very different. The vibe had changed. I think the closest I’ve come to feeling that same type of energy (as 1984) was during the Astronaut tour.  Again, I can’t lie – that was good enough for me. I got it.

I think the one thing that strikes me between my being a fan back in 1984 and now is that never once during all that time that I spent memorizing every last movement Roger made in their videos, or listening to “Is There Something I Should Know” over and over again, never ONCE did I ever think that I would grow up to do what I’m doing right now.

What I mean by that is, I never once considered that at some point, I’d make something to the equivalent of my own fanzine. Never mind DAILY. I never thought I’d be a blogger (not that the idea even existed back then), but I never thought I’d even be in a fan club, much less write about it, or be anything but some face way way way back in the crowd at a concert.  I don’t mean that the band knows me personally, I mean that I never considered that any of YOU – my fellow fans beyond my close friends from grade school – might.

So, when I struggle with things like having a project rejected, or not knowing what to write about, I need to remind myself that I didn’t set out to do much of what I’m doing right now. Every single day is an  adventure, or an opportunity, to do more. I’m open to whatever comes my way, and aside from trying to reach a personal goal of being published (which really hasn’t got much to do with Duran Duran other than they were the inspiration for me to at least try), I don’t have any grand designs here. I’d like to have a few more hours during the day to spruce this place up from time to time and learn a little more – but other than that, I’m really good. I really LIKE being a blogger. Sure, I’d really like to have one of the two (or three) manuscripts Amanda and I have written to get published, but even if that never happens – I’m going to really work hard to appreciate my successes, and to me, this blog is a success. Why? Because I LIKE doing it.

February 6, 1984 was 33 years ago. I could have never, ever guessed where the band would go from there…nor where I might go.  The sky continues to be the limit from here.


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