Last minute weekend double delight – Girls On Film (Soko) & Late Bar (Barbarians) Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute Album

Taking a break from vacation unpacking and laundry (yes, I’m back!!) to listen to the newest sneak peaks from the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme album (August 2014).

Up first is Soko’s version of Girls on Film. According to Paul Beahan (Manimal), this version is “downbeat and goth-y”.  I definitely get that “slightly The Cure” flavor from the very beginning, and I have to admit – the song is quickly growing on me.  I like the subdued nature of the melody – it’s not quite as frenetic as the original, and my feet definitely start finding the beat during the chorus.  My ears are happy.  It’s different, but recognizable.  I think this is liable to become one of my favorites off of the album.

Love for Girls on Film aside, I will openly admit I’m having a lot more trouble with Barbarian’s Late Bar.  Here’s the real deal: the song is one of my all time favorites from the band, and I really love that the original is dark and obscure.  It’s tough to hear it done more upbeat…and up to date.  That said, even here, I can find things I really like, such as the middle 8 (between verses).  I think the one attribute I like least is that they’ve changed the rhythm of the song. It may grow on me, but right now I just want to grab the drumsticks out of the hands of the drummer, take the microphone away…and teach them how it should be done. I’m starting to sound like an old woman yelling at the kids to stop playing ball on my lawn, which is never good. I don’t want to completely pan the work, because let’s face it – this probably has far more to do with what I’m used to as a fan than it does the song. I’m curious to hear what others think.

This is the last day to take a listen…so hurry and check it out, then shoot me a comment with your thoughts!

Back to unpacking for me….


2 thoughts on “Last minute weekend double delight – Girls On Film (Soko) & Late Bar (Barbarians) Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute Album”

  1. Seen I’m off this week, I got time to leave my comments on your amazing blog during the week.
    Girls On Film to me sounds Do You Believe In Shame, the melody sounds Beatles-style, but it’s fantastic .
    Late Bar is rock. It’s the one a dreamy Andy-Roger-John-Simon line-up would have recorded.
    Welcome back home Rhonda!

  2. Woke up early. Nice summer feeling and plenty of sunshine but, thankfully, no heat. Maybe in the afternoon. Got Girls on Film by Soko stuck in my head since the last two or three days. It’s a version highly inspired by the Sisters of Mercy Floodland album style (maybe that’s not how this version was conceived, but that’s how I imagine it). Specially the guitars and bass lines, I won’t even talk about the synth atmospherics. Her voice is also very good, almost as dry as Nico’s, but not as quite. In fact, this version would go really well in-between the tracks of Floodland. Like a pop dream made out of nothing but passion for this song. The lyrics don’t seem out of place in floodland because it’s mainly politics and human behaviour in the fashion world. Exploitation, it’s what the song is all about.

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