Lay Your Seedy Judgements: Duran Hatred

Sometimes, I do not understand people and their thinking.  Actually, right now in early 2017, it is a lot more than sometimes.  Despite the increasing frequency, I’m still shocked by things that people think and believe.

Looking back to my childhood fandom, I definitely recognize that a LOT of people hated Duran Duran.  I saw friends and family hate Duran.  Friends at school constantly put them down as not being cool, at least not in comparison to artists like Michael Jackson.  I remember classmates talking about how Duran needed to learn how to dance as breakdancing became the “in thing”.  Lunch times were spend arguing the merits of Duran Duran vs. the rest of popular music.  I never convinced any of my classmates about Duran’s coolness, but I always tried to.  I was a dedicated fan even back then in 1984.

Of course, I also remember Top 40 radio DJs that played Duran Duran making fun of them.  That really perplexed me.  Why play the band if you hated them so much, I wondered.  One memory that still stands out for me is hearing a couple of male DJs discussing Nick’s wedding.  They were appalled by the pink attire as well as how much make-up Nick wore.  I didn’t get it then as I had no clue that people judge men who wear make-up or like the color pink.  Now, of course, I recognize that this judgement was based on this rigid notion of gender roles where men are not supposed to like a color that represents the feminine and they definitely should not wear make-up.  That was for women only.  rolls eyes

The stigma against Duran was strong that it carried over to critics and much of the general public, stopping the respect that a band who writes and records quality music should receive.  Yet, decades passed and notions of metrosexuality became more accepted as did the restrictions on strict gender roles.  The world seemed more inclusive and accepting.  Duran, specifically, received more and more critical acclaim as time went on.  I began to read more and more praise about the band and their latest albums.  I believed that Duran finally was gaining acceptance, real acceptance.

This past week, though, proved that this belief of mine was false, that many still hated Duran Duran.  Rhonda and I corresponded with someone about a potential project this week who openly dismissed our idea simply because it was about Duran Duran.  What?!?  Are you kidding?!  Both of us expressed shock by this.  People really still hated Duran?  Seriously?!  After the initial shock, anger took over.  How can people still not see that Duran Duran is a band of quality?  It did not even matter when we pointed out that Duran still sells out arenas and has countless number of fans.  We proved that there are a lot of Duranies out there.  None of that mattered because this person is not interested in Duran.

Days have passed and I’m still furious.  Here’s the thing.  Rhonda and I will continue to shop our project around.  Why?  Simple.  We know that Duran is quality and deserves the respect that we hope to show with this idea we came up with.  I also have to admit that I like the idea of proving this person wrong, too, because I (and the rest of you) KNOW that she is wrong when it comes to Duran.


10 thoughts on “Lay Your Seedy Judgements: Duran Hatred”

  1. Didn’t care if others didn’t like Duran back in the 80’s, and care even less now. Now, it wasn’t fun growing up, even more so as a guy to say you liked the band, but if you’re a fan you have to be willing to put up with the ignorance of others, even idiocy. Sad but true.

    But, to give into hate only would give power to them which is both something I always refused to do, and they certainly don’t deserve. Am so very glad I never did, now or then. 🙂

  2. My sister took me and my best friend to see Duran Duran because I was only 14 she was 16 she hated them than and now I said how can you hate them even my 21 yr old niece loves them so I guess you’re right some people do hate them that’s such a strong word take care and good luck on your project ladies

  3. Interesting blog and spot on. I’ve been a massive fan since 1983 – was always accused of being gay or what not because of it (ummm not, I just love good music! As a matter of fact, if you went to a Duran show, stadiums were and still are filled with gorgeous women! – their loss!). as the band has aged, they have evolved form pinups (which was the perception) to the true pioneers of new wave. I’ve still got some friends that although they may not dig the music, have respect for what the band has done. The music community has embraced them for what they are – incredibly accomplished, trend setting consummate professionals. There are still some haters out there, but looking at Duran Duran’s entire body of work, how can you take someone like that seriously? Only a handful of bands even made out of the 80’s’ intact, never mind cracking the billboard charts and selling out stadiums 39 years into their career. To the naysayers out there = you clearly don’t understand music.

  4. I think my favorite was an instance where this dude tried so hard to tell me he hated everything Duran Duran did. Absolutely refused to admit anything was good by them. Until the day he put in a mix cd he had. Second or third song was Ordinary World. Proceeded to let me know how awesomely fabulous that song was and he LOVED it. The look on his face when I told him it was Duran Duran. PRICELESS! 😀

  5. Duran Duran has been a part of my life since 1981, now that is almost forty years now as a DIE HARD Duranie, They are the MOST unique band I have ever seen and their music transcends generations. I will always be a fan and some people just don’t get it I guess. Duran Duran Forever!

    1. I am told by someone John is a poof and like the Monkees, are not on the same level as any good musicians to even be considered into any Hall of Fame. The band is not recognized for anything serious either lyric wise or their unique sound by the music critics. People do put down eighties music as to frown upon it. Synthesizers are not real music etc. You don’t find live bands that play that era. There is only one I know of that plays street fests. This genre of music needs more exposure and respect by people who are into rock and roll instead of a stigma by these people who don’t think it’s real music. They still see Duran Duran as 1983 pretty boys of pinup and nothing more , not the changes in their music.

  6. Hatred around someone I instead love? My experience tells me as a fan I’m not wrong, but probably my heroes did something wrong to try creating their credibility to the world. It can’t be only their envy!
    Time is generally a healer, both for music stars and for the music audience. I think that if the hatred persists there is something wrong again on the stars’ reputation.

    1. Let me see if I am following. You think it is the band’s fault that people hate them so much? You think they did something wrong when introducing themselves to the world? How do you think they should have done it then? -A

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