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My computer is dying a slow death…and so I’m semi-concerned as to whether or not today’s blog will actually make it through to publishing. It is going extra-slow today, and so I’ve had to shut down every single other program I typically have open in order to keep this thing running at a reasonable clip. Otherwise, every two or three characters I get the very cheerful and colorful spinning “thinking” circle (I am trying to be as upbeat about this as possible), telling me I need to wait. If I keep needing to wait for my computer to catch up…this blog will take 4 days to finish. I’ve done all of the things my super-special “Mac” guy (I swear I have his personal line now) has warned me and told me to do to prepare for my laptop’s ultimate and final demise, hoping to extend it’s life as much as possible, and now – not even MacKeeper is helping, so my Mac expert feels it could be any day now. I’m just short of bowing my head and giving it last rights. I’m extra attached to this laptop because I have typed almost every single blog on it, and it’s the one computer I’ve ever had that hasn’t failed me – until now of course, and after over 4 years of service, apparently it’s time for retirement.  I really need this to last until the weekend though (because I’m not making the trip to the Apple Store for my new one until then!), so let’s bow our heads and pray to whatever gods you might that it’ll last and that this blog will be published properly.

Until then, onward and upward, right? Today the band is at the amfAR gala in Cannes.  I’ve never been to Cannes (someday, oh yes…someday I will make it there), for me it’s another one of those far-off places that seems more like a fairy tale than it does an actual destination. I chalk it up with Monaco…I can’t imagine what they must be like. I did see a photo of their sound check, and I heard a rumor that we can even watch the show online. I’m somewhat wary of that really happening, both in part to that the website mentioned a fashion show, not a concert AND my computer seems to hate streaming (listen, if I can’t even get it to do simple word processing at this point, I’m thinking that streaming is a little “pie in the sky” of a dream, but I’m going to give it my best shot), if it happens – I’ll be sure to post about it on the @dailyduranie twitter. Regardless, I found myself with that familiar “butterflies in the tummy” feeling when I saw the photo of the sound check and the news that we would be able to see their performance. August was a very long time ago, wasn’t it? I miss the excitement of seeing them take the stage, watching the band and of course, having them play five or six feet in front of us. I do miss that rush!

Naturally, as my dear friend Faby reminds, she can’t “promise that HLTW will be off the 4 song set list” Anyone care to make a bet??? (I wouldn’t take that bet either!)

Today on Facebook I saw that Duran Duran had posted a link to an article from Gibson, compiling what they believe to be ten of the greatest alternative rock bands.  You can read the article here! Duran Duran is on that list, along with The Cure, Depeche Mode, REM, Violent Femmes, Dinosaur Jr., New Order, The Smiths, Sonic Youth and Hüsker Dü. The list seems to be a decent compilation – and of course the taste of the writer is reflected. What is curious though, is the comment made under Duran Duran’s notation, “…even though the bands popularity didn’t last long…”

Now, before we start gathering our pitchforks and shovels, I think it’s probably fair to point out that the writer of the article might have a different litmus test for popularity than say, we might.  In Anne Erikson’s defense, perhaps she was just considering chart popularity, or radio play.  I’m really not sure. All I do know is that the band is still hugely popular with us, and while they might not be playing in stadiums all across the world (although they DO play in arenas in many places), I think they still make a fair dime or two. More importantly, I wish that these writers would stop with the qualifiers every single time they post an article about Duran Duran. The band does well. They have proved their staying power far beyond what anyone (anyone besides their fans, obviously) ever thought. A little respect is not only warranted at this point, it should be required. I don’t know if I will live to see the day when this band is given their fair due, but I certainly hope so.

Lastly, I want to throw out another reminder (I’m begging here) that we are looking for guest blogs this summer. Do you have the urge to write for Daily Duranie? Here’s your chance!  We are doing a few themed series this summer, and are looking for blogs on the following topics:

  • Proudest moment as a fan
  • Something you might regret as a fan (a meet and greet gone awry, missing a show, etc.)
  • Favorite band member (we are looking for thoughtful blogs on this subject – why you feel more “in touch” with one band member than another, as opposed to a love note to this particular band member!)
If you have something else you’d like to blog about, let us know.  Send your completed blogs to dailyduranie@gmail.com, along with a short bio about yourself (check out our previous guest blogs for ideas) along with a thumbnail bio picture of yourself. 
Amanda will be taking over for my extended absence in the latter part of July through about the first week in August, and I will be taking over for her as well – so get us your blogs ASAP.  
Thanks – have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Leave me lost and stranded”

  1. I'd bet they're going to perform Ordinary World at Cannes: it's classics, but Simon might have insisted included in after the facts in London, Oklahoma City, blah, blah.. but more importantly for being there for the AIDS cause.
    My PC got crazy last evening, instead: my tweets weren't posted and suddenly… the computer itself turned off. Duh?
    Duran as an alternative rock band? In the early days in the 80s they really were; later, I think, they always sought for change, to keep being relevant and they managed to do it well.

  2. I think that DD was usually categorized (in the 80's) as an alternative band here in the US…but since the 90's “alternative” has come to mean a lot of different types of music. In some ways I think it's just the “catch-all” category. I would say that each one of the other bands mentioned was played in heavy rotation on the radio station I listened to most back in the 80's, and even funnier – they are all still played fairly often on the radio station I listen to now. Of course, the station I listen to the most now in the car will play AC/DC or even Ozzy one moment and The Cars or Howard Jones the next. 😀 -R

  3. Yeah about the 'popularity didn't last long' thing really, I think about the band in stages i guess. Or, eras? Like, I think of 81-85 as the fab five years. (Which they were at the top then). When Rog and Andy left i like to think of this as the next era, i mean i guess they lost fans over Roger and Andy leaving, so thats why they say the popularity diminished a little?. Which is a shame because Notorious is a brill album, one of the my faves. This era up to the reunion was the 'three musketeers' era (even though Warren joined and stuff but yeah haha thats just me). And then obviously the reunion happened, and i think of this as present day Duran. (Okay this might just be because i didn't live through the 80s and im a young fan).
    I dont think anything will ever live up to the original five members being together.
    Speaking of being a young fan, even though I dont have many stories to tell would you like to know what its like to be a younger fan of Duran Duran? I could write a blog for you about that I guess. 🙂

  4. Many would agree with you about the era of the Fab Five. On the other hand, others would disagree for various reasons. Yet, I do think that everyone has a preference.

    We welcome guest blogs of all sorts. 🙂


  5. Well, I think for the purpose of creating a sort of historical timeline alone – yes, I agree. On the other hand, I completely disagree about anything living up to the original five members, because that's just history. I think we owe it to the band to keep looking ahead and not trying to judge what is happening now by what happened before. You know? Nostalgia can be wonderful, but also very crippling.

    I think it would be wonderful to have a blog from the perspective of a younger fan, so please – write away and we look forward to reading it! 🙂 -R

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