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I like doing the questions of the day. Sometimes, I struggle to think of topics or questions to ask but for the most part, it is all good. What is the best part about it? No, it isn’t that it doesn’t take long to do. It is more about how it teaches me something about the Duran Duran fan community. I have learned a lot about what Duranies generally love, like and do not enjoy. After years of doing these questions and other assignments, I can pretty accurately predict what fans are going to say about various Duran related topics. For example, I know that fans love Rio more than they love Pop Trash. If they want to listen to a side project, Arcadia is more likely to be chosen over TV Mania. Sometimes, though, the questions help me learn something about Duran Duran. This most recent set of questions is definitely a situation in which I came to some conclusion about Duran’s music that I hadn’t before.

If you are not aware, I have been trying to determine the favorite first track, second track, etc. as I first put up the first song on each album against each other before moving to the second song and so on. I am just about done with this set of questions as most tracks have been picked. The only ones I have left are the songs are the very end of the albums, usually the bonus or extra tracks. As I recognize this, I have to acknowledge that albums are released differently now. In the past, there were no bonus or extra tracks placed on albums. Instead, they would be released as b-sides to singles. Now, we don’t have singles that are released that require an A side with the single itself and a B side that is usually something new.

As I started to look at the results, I began to think about quality over quantity. If you ask fans about which albums they generally like best, they would choose the first three. So, what’s the difference between those first three albums and the most recent ones? Yes, obviously, there are very different, musically. Andy was around then, too. That said, I wonder if we don’t think that those albums are so awesome because they only had 9 tracks. I think a lot of Duranies would say each and every track is awesome. They chose nine amazing tracks for those albums. Now, an album might have 14 to 17 tracks, depending on which deluxe edition you purchase. Are all 14 or 17 tracks amazing? I think many fans would say no. It isn’t that they don’t love the most recent albums. It is more like they love the general feel or adore most of the tracks. But would the albums be improved if they only released the best 9 and then shared the rest later in other means?

Now, of course, I’m aware that there are some fans who are swearing at me as they are reading this. There are some fans who think that each and every track is amazing and are horrified that I dared to suggest that some songs might not be as good as others. Yet, I would still argue that even if you believe that they are all great, some are even more amazing than others. Other fans can acknowledge that Duran pushes themselves to try new things and to ensure that their songs are not just cookie cutter songs. Personally, I love that they do that but I think sometimes they miss the top mark. Yet, of course, when they hit it, they really hit it. There is no one better.

So, here is what I suggest. I would like us, the fans, to pick the best 9 songs from each album. The next set of questions will be just that. I will include every album track as well as every b-side and extra track to begin with. Then, each day we will get rid of one song. Again, this won’t be us determining that some songs are bad…just that they are not great album tracks. They would be better as extra tracks or b-sides. Personally, I look forward to seeing what the fans do with this set of questions!


3 thoughts on “Less Is More”

  1. Rio 1 Hungry Like A wolf 2 Save A Prayer 3 Hold Back the Rain 4 Rio 5 My own Way 6 New Religion 7The Chauffeur 8 Last Chance on The Stairway 8 Lonely In Your Nightmare

  2. I LOVE this subject. Wide open to spirited discussion!

    I’ll weigh in first with an album that “REALLY” alerted me to how much I preferred “LESS is more” with a new Duran Duran CD… the iTunes9 of AYNIN.

    Everybody I know AND me flipped out. It was so “punchy”, concise, creative – and perfect! I felt a way I had not (beginning to end) felt with a new DD album since I got RIO on cassette in 1984.

    When the “Deluxe Edition” emerged 3 months later at Best Buy?
    A. I… was DELIGHTED to have a physical edition (at last).
    B. Yet… I couldn’t deny that it felt like it was “TOO LONG” now. (Why not let it fly as the iTunes 9… and then release an EP in 8 months to coincide with the US tour???)

    “LESS is more” in Duranland… keep us wanting more.

    “MY’ perfect 9-song tracklist for:

    1. The Man Who Stole A Leopard (f. Kelis)
    2. Too Bad You’re So Beautiful
    3. Runway Runaway
    4. Before The Rain
    5. Record Collection (SLB f. Mark Ronson)
    6. This Lost Weekend
    7. Girl Panic!
    8. Mediterranea
    9. All You Need Is Now

    (Thoughts…? LOL)

    – Douglas

    1. Exactly. Less could leave people wanting more, for sure. We will see if your 9 tracks for AYNIN is what the rest of the fanbase thinks. 🙂 -A

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